2010 Consumer Electronics Show

Connect Your Car To Your Home and Lifestyle

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show continues to impress and unveil the future.

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

The Consumer Electronics Show is like a geek’s paradise; it features electronics and connectivity for your home and your car.   Out of the miles and mile of booths and displays, here are the best automotive electronics that will change your automotive world.

Blackline GPS   


Blackline GPS

This portable GPS Vehicle Security, Tracking & Location Awareness is ESCORT (the radar detection people) and powered by Blackline GPS. It’s a GPS-based, fully-portable, personalized security system with mobile phone alerting that allows you to protect, share and connect as never before. Plus, it’s from ESCORT, the leading authority in radar and laser detection for more than 30 years. A powerful combination of always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking and motion-sensing technology, the ESCORT Entourage PS is a comforting extra layer of assurance for the things or people you value most.

$349.95 (Free Shipping)

GPS Maplock – Protect Your GPS or Lose it! 


GPS Maplock 2

Maplock™  is leading the way in GPS security. Maplock™ is a true GPS security device to protect your GPS unit from getting stolen. GPS theft is a large worldwide problem that continues to grow. Maplock™ locks your GPS while securing the GPS within the vehicle. To prevent GPS theft … Maplock™ it or lose it!

GPS maplock 3

Check out the video: www.gpsmaplock.com/index.php/product/video
Who-Rae Australia Maplock GPS Locking Device is only $49 at Amazon.com

How do you power all these new gadgets in your car?  Here’s the answer:

Black & Decker Automotive 100 W Power Inverter – Model # PI100AB


Black & Decker AutoBlack & Decker Auto 2

 – Converts a vehicle’s 12V DC power into household 115V AC power

-AC and USB outlets power and/or recharge personal electronics

-Accessory plug adjusts 45° for convenient placement

-Low battery shutdown warns against total battery drain

-LED indicator shows power and fault conditions

This inverter will never go out of style for anyone and everything that needs power. Available for around $25.00

Ford Sync App Ecosystem and MyFord

Ford Sync App

At CES, the popular customized Internet radio service Pandora has taken the lead through deals with Ford and Pioneer Electronics.

Ford began its MyFord Touch presentation with a simple question: “People line up for iPhones – why not cars?” What is it about certain pieces of technology that makes them a “must have”? Since the iPhone is really just a merger of two things we already have (a cell phone and PC), is it possible to blend something into a car that will get ’em lining up around the block? Obviously, Ford’s hoping the answer is yes.

MyFord Touch – and if you buy a Lincoln, MyLincoln Touch – is a piece of driver connect technology like SYNC, only much more advanced. In fact, you can think of MyFord as SYNC 2.0. Well, you could if there wasn’t already a SYNC 2.0. Regardless, in-car technology can do myriad of things and Ford thinks it’s found a way to group and display all of a vehicle’s functionality in a logical, intuitive and useful way. Sadly, Ford is internally calling this “simplexity;” as in making the complex simple. Or, as we prefer to call it, “barf.” Thankfully, the public will know it as MyFord Touch.

KIA UVO (Your Voice)


The all-new UVO (short for ‘Your Voice’) system is the world’s most advanced in-car multimedia technology. It features a new level of voice recognition through full Microsoft(R) intelligent speech engine technology, combined with Windows Embedded Auto software, to provide voice- and hand-activated experiences for simple management of music files and hands-free communications.
Kia Motors America is offering an innovative and intelligent in-car communications and entertainment system, “UVO powered by Microsoft®,” available in select Kia vehicles starting this summer. UVO provides consumer friendly voice- and touch-activated experiences for simple management of music files and hands-free mobile phone operation.

Co-developed with Microsoft and based on Windows Embedded Auto software, UVO is an easy-to-use, hands-free solution that allows drivers and passengers to answer and place phone calls, receive and respond to SMS text messages, access music from a variety of media sources and create custom music experiences.
Kia Sorento, Soul, Forte and Forte KOUP already come standard and at no extra cost with Bluetooth® wireless technology connectivity, iPod®/MP3/USB connectivity, and a three-month SIRIUS® satellite radio subscription.

@CES: Internet Radio Is The Future Of The Radio

A focus on Internet-connected automobiles is likely to put even more pressure on terrestrial radio broadcasters, as a number of carmakers and stereo developers are adding Internet radio services to their products.

At CES, the popular customized Internet radio service Pandora has taken the lead through deals with Ford and Pioneer Electronics. Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, previewed several new features to its Sync in-car communications and navigation system during a keynote. The upgraded Sync system, MyFord Touch, allows users to download and access iPhone – like apps that they can operate through voice commands. The first available services are Pandora, Twitter, and a news service called Stitcher. The program includes a set of APIs to let developers create apps for the platform, designed to let consumers easily modify their existing iPhone and other smartphone apps.

The cool thing about this is that it skips the step of having to connect the iPhone to the car stereo, as well as allows for the creation of vehicle-specific apps directly rather than via a phone interface. It’s probably a bit safer too. The MyFord Touch system will be available in a handful of 2010 models, as yet unnamed.

Meanwhile, Pandora teamed with Pioneer Electronics to make a device that, when connected to an iPhone with Pandora installed, will automatically recognize the Pandora settings and playlist options and make them accessible via the unit’s display. That allows users to stream Pandora though their car stereo system using the in-dash unit rather than the phone-to control.

Chevrolet Volt Mobile Smartphone App

Chev Volt Smartphone Ap

When the Chevy Volt goes on sale late this year, General Motors intends to leverage its popular OnStar technology to help drivers maximize their electric driving time and minimize their use of liquid fuel. To do that, GM created an OnStar/EV lab last year at its Detroit headquarters. Engineers there have been working on how they can utilize available communications technology to save fuel. The first public result is a new mobile phone application that is being announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

When the production version of the Volt was unveiled in 2008, many called the interior very Apple-like because of its smooth white plastic center stack with capacitive touch controls. Thankfully, for those of us who have not fallen prey to the allure of the iPhone, the new mobile phone app is being developed to work on other touch screen phones including the Motorola Droid and Blackberry Storm.

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