2009 Audi R8 V8 4.2L

2009 Audi R8 V8 4.2L
By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

It’s been so distracting knowing that the Audi R8 is just sitting in the garage just begging me to go and take out for a spin. It was very hard for me to find anything wrong with this beautiful piece of machinery. Well, all right I found one, it needs another power outlet so I can plug in my radar detector. I also wish that it had keyless start like some of the S models already have, this would be a nice touch.

When one thinks of a supercar, and yes the Audi R8 is a supercar, we think of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and many other exotics. The Audi R8 absolutely is one of those supercars in so many ways. The all-wheel drive blended with the smoothness of the 420 hp engine makes this coupe feel like a slot car. Audi has always been known for their quality vehicles, great workmanship, attention to detail and in this case, an amazing overall vehicle.


I was so impressed with this car that I even went over to the local Porsche dealer and let the dealer principal take it for a spin; he was quite impressed and even let me drive one of his new vehicles in exchange. But there is nothing that turns heads, makes people stop in their tracks, drop what they’re doing, makes kids fall off of bicycles, make women in minivans take a second look — then the Audi R8.


Audi has recently released 5.2L V10 version, but for everyday fun driving and a little bit more practical car, I personally consider the 4.2L V8 engine. The fuel economy is very reasonable even though you give up some horsepower.

There are some great color choices, but personally there is nothing like carbon fiber on the side blade, the engine department, and the interior detail. Although the silver car I drove was missing those sexy details, the car itself is refined with beautiful glove leather, premium details, and an amazing Bang and Olufsen sound system with Audi navigation plus the best backup camera in the business.


The bottom line is I love the new Audi R8. It’s on the top of my dream list and if my kids didn’t really want to go to college…I do have one in the garage right now!

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