2010 Bentley Continental GT

2010 Bentley Continental GT

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

2010 Bentley Continental GT

Bentley, the iconic British coupe, released its new and compelling version of the Continental GT.

The Continental GT is newly designed with a sculpted, athletic body and powerful styling lines.

The designer behind the styling of the first, groundbreaking Continental GT coupe in 2003 and Bentley’s Design Director Dirk van Braeckel, said:

In 2003 we designed a car like no other – a striking, luxury GT coupe combining the craftsmanship and refinement Bentley is renowned for with a purposeful, sporting road presence. Now we’ve taken the opportunity to write a new chapter for the Continental…

2010 Bentley Continental GT2010 Bentley Continental GT


… The styling and design story in 2010 is just as dramatic and we believe this Bentley GT will be as instantly recognizable as its predecessor.”

10continentalgt2011-12838358932010 Bentley Continental GT

Launched in 2003 the first Continental helped to spearhead Bentley’s renaissance by offering an entirely new driving experience; it was a high-luxury 2+2 GT coupe also delivers remarkable levels of everyday usability and the stirring performance (courtesy of a hugely powerful 6.0L W12 engine offering 552bhp) associated with the Bentley marque.

2010 Bentley Continental GT

Over 22,000 Continental GT models have been delivered to customers since 2003 and the strength of the original engineering and design proposition inspired Bentley to create a 600bhp GT Speed stable mate, the convertible Continental GTC as well as the recently launched Supersports – a muscular 204mph supercar.

2010 Bentley Continental GT

For more information check out: www.ContinentalGT.com

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