2010 KIA Sportage

Car Review: 2010 KIA Sportage

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®


Looking for a compact sport utility these days is more than meets the eye? You want something affordable, safe and that has some great options too.

Kia Sportage

The new KIA Sportage meets all those needs and more. It’s affordable, at $18,295 a fair, competitive product that really gives you all you would want. If you load with all the options, the price jumps into the $29,000 range. That’s a fair price for a great car that really is also fun to drive.


The Sportage’s new design and new look, which has transformed Kia into a full line of edgy looking vehicles, that brings new customers to Kia. This is evident from their increased sales and residual values.

Kia has been listening to its customers, as they have asked for more power and storage. Sportage offers a 2.4L engine with more horspower and more storage with 10% more cargo room plus fuel economy at 22/31mpg.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage trunk

The ride and handling is also improved, with optional heated & cooled seats, dual climate control, glass roof, Bluetooth, LED running lights, LED turn signals, and new design steering wheel controls just to name a few great options.

Kia Sportage

Some new cool ideas in the Sportage include: AC vent in glove box, air ventilated heated & cooled seats, Sirius, dual climate, Infiniti premium sound system, push button start, back-up camera, optional leather, panoramic roof, fully active, all-wheel-drive (AWD) couplingsystem called Dynamax™ (which offers dynamic all wheel drive that senses slip to adjust for optimum traction) and one touch windows up and down for the front.

Kia Sportage

UVO, a new Kia exclusive product relationship with Microsoft, it’s a jukebox for MP3’s, SMS messaging, Bluetooth, voice operated controls, rear back up camera with a 4.3″ screen that is touch command. Simpler commands than competition, just tell it what you want, call, music, from its Windows based entertainment system.

The new Sportage is 3″ longer, 2″ wider, 2.3″ taller which results in a longer, sleeker vehicle that has less drag and a nice sleeker look and also means it’s slipperier and gets better fuel economy.

Kia Sportage

Sportage’s new look is backed by a new designer who comes from Audi, the details apparent in the unique front bumper, air intakes, headlights, with a new sleek and smooth profile; the look is sophisticated yet functional in appearance.  This is a unique look for Kia and the overall design is sleek, modern and stylish.

Safety is not optional with 6 airbags, rollover protection, ABS and ESC all standard.

Kia Sportage

Engine options:

• 2.4L engine, Four-cylinder, iron block and aluminum head DOHC with CVVT

176 horsepower @ 6000 and 168 ft/lbs of torque @ 4000

with a 6-speed auto or manual transmission

• 2.0L Turbo, Four-cylinder, iron block and aluminum head DOHC

170 horsepower @ 6000 and 163 ft/lbs of torque @ 4000 and comes with a 6 speed auto transmission

Towing capacity (w/o trailer brakes)2002000
Towing capacity (w/ trailer brakes)20002000
Manual Transmission21 / 29
Automatic Transmission22 / 3121 / 28

The ride and handling is improved with a multi-link suspension, motor driven power steering system for better feel and transitional response and bigger brakes.

Kia Sportage

The interior is even quieter with more insulation and protection for the passengers, this all plays into the safety management for absolute protection.

Kia even added down hill brake control for slow speeds and hill assist control which hold the vehicle for a moment so it doesn’t roll when switching your foot from brake to gas on a hill.

Kia Sportage


Base $18,295

LX- $20’295

EX   $23,295

SX is coming and available in yellow for this model only.

Overall the Sportage has great value, quality, safety, great selection of features, improved residual value and current technology. For the price, Sportage is a perfect fit for younger stylish men, and anyone who wants a more youthful car. Take one for a test drive and see for yourself.

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