2014 BMW 2-Series

I’m Lauren Fix, The Car Coach. Take a look at this sporty 2-door coupe that has great performance, elegant looks and has options above and beyond a regular or M-Performance engine. Lets take a closer look at the new 2-Series BMW.

Model — 2014 BMW 2-Series

MPG — 23 City / 35 Hwy.
Engine — 240hp in the 228i
and the M235i puts out 322 hp with an 8 speed auto transmission or modified 6-speed manual in the M series.
Price — Starts at $32,100 on the 228i and $43,100 on the M235i

The 2014 BMW 2-Series is a rear-wheel drive 2-door coupe available in a 228i sport coupe with agility, power, and muscular prowess of the M-Sport, which we took for a test-drive. The 2014 BMW M235i has a powerful engine on a 50/50 weight distributed chassis, which means the car is well balanced and offers a comfortable ride along with upgraded brakes, sport-tuned steering and high-performance tires with an adaptive suspension that gives sporty performance. The M car rides on 18″ wheels with optional 19″ wheels as a performance parts option.

Some of the highlights include a large glass sliding/vent roof, iDrive controlled with touchpad and 8.8″ display. The optional Harman Kardon surround sound audio system uses vehicle-specific equalizing and a powerful 600W amplifier to deliver a powerful sound system and a BMW connected services and apps touchpad allows the input of letters and characters.

The Parking Assistant takes the work out of parking by finding available spaces and then actively pulling into the spot. Simply turn on the indicator, keep pressing the Parking Assistant switch and let the system do the rest. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

The car offers an ECO PRO mode, which teaches drivers to be more fuel-efficient. Depending on your individual driving style, it can result in a fuel savings of up to 20 percent.

This car is competent on the track and on the street. The front end of the car has a unique, sporty appearance that’s wide and dominant with illuminated headlight rings. The interior is as sporty and driver focused as the outside.

Competes with:

• Volkswagen GTI 3-door
• Mercedes-Benz CLA250
• Audi TTS coupe
• Audi A3 sedan
• Acura ILX

The 2014 BMW 2-Series is the newest performance coupe with an optional M Performance TwinPower Turbo engine. This newest addition to the lineup was engineered for one type of person: the adrenaline-hungry, power-obsessed, thrill-seeking M enthusiast.

Remember, when shopping for a new car, test drive as many vehicles as you can in that class before making your final decision and for more information, go to our website. I’m Lauren Fix, The Car Coach.

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Aired: 2/28/2014

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