2015 BMW 2 series: His Turn-Her Turn™ Car Review



Car experts Lauren Fix, The Car Coach and Paul Brian review the 2015 BMW 2 series. Lauren and Paul enjoy this hot convertible despite the cold weather. Check out this sporty, well-rounded vehicle from the maker’s of the “ultimate driving machine.”

40th anniversary of the Ultimate Driving Machine

Best selling luxury car for 2014

28 years of M cars in USA
1/3 of M powered cars are sold in USA

2015 BMW 2-series convertible
Premium sub compact convertible
Replaces 1-series convertible

Sporty expression
Iconic looks
Open topped elegance, to a closed top dynamic look
Agility & sportiness

10% more cargo space
Soft top opens and closes open and closes in 20-seconds

New display and graphics.
BMW Connected with a suite of apps and over the air navigational upgrades

The rear wheel drive BMW 2-series has a 50/50 weight distribution.
Less than 20 inches off the ground

34 mpg
8-speed sport automatic with paddle shifters
2.0L twin turbo inline 4-cylinder
240 hp.


Optional track handling package includes better suspension and M sport blue brakes and overall improved handling.

M-235 3L with 320hp
0-60 4.8 sec with automatic
Or the manual with 0-60 in 5 seconds flat

All available with X-Drive

Prices start at $38,850
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Car Courtesy of BMW / NA
Destination: Austin, Texas
Music: by AudionautiX.com
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