2016 Infiniti Q50S: His Turn-Her Turn™ Expert Car Review



Automotive expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach and Paul Brian review the 2016 Infiniti Q50S, which is a bestselling vehicle in the United States and has award winning technologies. Check out Lauren and Paul’s His Turn-Her Turn™ car review below.


2016 Infiniti Q50S (Sports Sedan)


Anand Patel

Best selling vehicle in US
Award winning technologies


Engine line up – 4 engines choices

Red Sport 400 – 400hp / 350 torque VR Sport 3L Twin Turbo V6 – new components, aluminum block
Turbo at 14.7 boost pressure. Driven by 2 water pumps to. Manage temperatures
Red S badging
19″ alloy wheels with Dunlop run flats Sport Maxx tires
Dunlop SP Sport MAXX 050 DSST CTT has a foam core to keep the ride quieter.
Premium unleaded required


300 Hp – 3L 295 torque, boost se4t at 8.7 boost pressure, water cooled air charging for less turbo lag and integrated exhaust
Electronic variable valve timing.
Gasoline direct injected
Better acceleration
Lighter parts
Premium unleaded required

Hybrid – net 360hp – direct response
2.0L Turbo – 208 hp, 258 torque.

The 2016 Infiniti Q50S competes against BMW 320i
Hydraulic electric steering setup


2016 Infiniti Q50S Transmission: 7-speed automatic, dual transmission coolers on VR series
Adaptive shift will adjust and down shift, manual shift mode, sport mode changes shift points.


Driver Safety Systems:
Around view camera
Lane departure warning and prevention
Distance control assist
Blind spot warning and intervention
Around view monitor with moving object detection
Active lane control, camera based system adjusts based on road surfaces


Dynamic digital suspension
Standard or sport mode
Reduces body roll
New Electronic power steering, electronic assist


Direct Adaptive Steering:
Faster response than mechanical steering
Adjust steering to meet your needs
Dampens outs rough roads and vibrations

More performance benefits all the way around in the 2016 Infiniti Q50S
Personalized settings including a snow, ECO and sport plus modes

Infiniti will be working with the Renault Formula 1 Red Sport team.



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Car Courtesy of Infiniti
Destination:  San Antonio, TX
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