2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata




Lauren Fix, The Car Coach reviews the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

25 years of Miata – launched 1989

All-new – fastest MX-5 ever built
light weight
that is FUN TO DRIVE


Exclusive Launch Edition

The 2016 MX-5 Launch Edition comes in Soul Red with a Sport Tan leather interior – an exclusive color combination for the 2016 model year in the U.S. – and only 1,000 were built. Bedecked with features found in the MX-5 Grand Touring and available with either a SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, the Launch Edition provides drivers and passengers with all of the thrills associated with MX-5 in a package that is sure to delight with its luxury and exclusivity as well. Along with the treat of owning one of the world’s most beloved sports cars, Launch Edition customers also receive a special plaque in their car’s driver-side doorjamb with Launch Edition badging, a Mazda-badged Bose® Mini SoundLink® portable stereo system and a box of gifts from Mazda’s Heritage Collection apparel line.
Photos: hkstrategies.egnyte.com/fl/eGowhIK6l3

perfect weight distribution 50/50 – makes for a better handling car. Its a unique driving experience.

SkyACTIV Model

150 lbs lighter

0-60mh faster

more head and leg room, smaller steering wheel by 2MM

Sport an GT models handle better than 3rd Gen Club car

More fuel efficient, 34 mph/ 27city MT; 36 hwy/27 city mpg AT

Sport – $24,915 Entry level

Club – $28,600 More athletic, improved suspension, shock tower bracing, Bilstein shocks, Limited Slip differential, front air dam, rear lip spoiler, enhanced aero pieces, Brembo/BBS package – MT only

Grand Touring (GT) – $30,065 Optional Black or Tan leather, navigation, advanced safety systems, more for cruising.

Standard LED lights, push button ignition, smart keyless entry, USB

demographics – 60% male / married HH income $90K plus.

2.L 155hp

16″ alloys / 17″ on Club and GT

Mazda connect infotainment system

Bose w/ 9 speakers and 2 speakers in each seat headrest.

GT adds SAT radio, navigation, blind spot detection and more.

Fun to drive, front engine, rear drive, removable roof, compliant suspension and double wishbones suspension.

Direct throttle response

Ideal pedal position

Symmetrical gauge layout

Ideal layout of shifter

“Removable cup holder, because shifting is more important than drinking.”

Driver centered everything – driver sits 20MM lower, driver sits 15MM closer equals 5 degrees better visibility.



Modern details, good proportion, shorter overhang in the front and a longer read deck lid. A dynamic design with a piercing headlight design, this modern styling flows into the interior. The combination give you a “one-ness” with the car.

Interior detail with red stitching and the piping on the seats give a pleasantly clean interior.

Lower hood lets you see the road closer, gives a faster feeling and sense of speed.

Thinner, lighter, more supportive net seat design. Gives the feeling that it wraps around your body. Better side bolster support.

Top is lighter, aluminum fram, easy to open and close by hand. GT has an extra layer of insulation over other models. Aluminum cross member, aluminum transmission housing, new differential gear and new housing, (Final drive ratio 2.867:1).

Electric power steering, offers a confident driver feel in corners under power, with a more consistent constant grip.

Is 155hp enough? with a 13:1 compression, 91 octane gasoline, creates a lot of power quickly. Theres a wide power band, but adding in a lighter car and more torque (148 lb/ft) makes this plenty of horsepower for this fun car.

The MX-5 is smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside, safer, faster, and more fuel efficient.

Weight: 2332 lbs. MT an 2381lbs. AT.

colors: red, white, black, silver an reflex blue.



Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ similar

BMW Z4, Audi TT convertible, Mini Cooper, Porsche Boxster

Built in Japan.

Car feels nimble and rotates easily on the road and the track.

This is an iconic car! It has Spirit!


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