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Monterey Car Week


Join automotive expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® and Paul Fix as they attend the Monterey Car Week.


Monterey Classic Car Week in August produced a wide array of automobiles from the dawn of the industry to the visions of the future. From concours winners on the show field to historic winners at the racetrack to wonderful charity events. For the investors and dreamers, a multitude of auctions titillated potential purchasers and enthusiasts.
Cadillac to Unveil New Design Concept




Cadillac will unveil a new concept vehicle on Thursday, August 18 during Monterey Car Week. It will feature an array of curved OLED screens, co-developed with LG Electronics. This technology, prominent in the latest home electronics, is being developed for a future Cadillac production vehicle.


Cadillac has unveiled some stunning concept vehicles at Pebble Beach in the past, including the Elmiraj and Ciel. Now the luxury brand is pulling the wraps off another concept car this Thursday at the prestigious car show. So far all we’ve seen is a teaser video that Cadillac released. It shows a high tech instrument panel, specifically highlighting curved OLED screens, you know, the curved glass that’s all the rage on big screen TVs right now. Cadillac says the OLED system is being developed for a future production model.




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Destination: Pebble Beach, California
Aired: September 26, 2016
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