2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 | First Drive | Fastest Mustang EVER


In this special edition of His Turn-Her Turn, Lauren Fix & Paul Brian take their first drive of the all-new 2020 Shelby GT500 & this Ford Mustang is FAST! Lauren Fix & Paul Brian were 2 of the first people to test drive the 2020 Shelby GT500 & the Car Coach Reports Rating is the highest yet. Join us on our first drive of the fastest, most expensive & most powerful street-legal engine ever released by Ford – the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Lauren Fix has been a life long Shelby and Mustang enthusiast, loyal customer & self-proclaimed junkie. Her only daughter’s name is Shelby! A huge thank you to the Ford team from the Car Coach Reports team. It’s easy to see why Ford has sold over 10 million Mustangs throughout the years. This car is a total blast to drive! HOLY CRAP – This car is fast!
**BONUS Footage coming soon with engine details and race footage.** A full in-depth car review on the 2020 Shelby GT500 coming soon to Car Coach Reports YouTube.

We interviewed the head of Ford Performance too: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVKzc…

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Car Courtesy of Cadillac
Aired: July 29, 2019
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