Is The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Even Better Than Expected

Is The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Even Better Than Expected? I was skeptical but it was a blast to drive. It has a spunky three-cylinder powertrain, tight handling, and adaptive all-wheel drive. This delivers good performance. The GR Corolla sets the bar high for sport-compact hatchbacks.

Here are the specs:
  • * 300-hp turbocharged three-cylinder engine / Torque: 273 lb-ft
  • * Six-speed manual is the only available transmission,
  • * The rev-match feature is standard.
  • * multi-mode all-wheel-drive system,
  • * sport-tuned suspension
  • * Circuit Edition comes standard with front and rear limited-slip differentials,
  • * GR-Four system allows the driver to choose among different power-distribution modes, starting with a 60/40 front-to-rear split for every day driving to up to 30/70 to allow for drifting antics; a 50/50 split option is intended to provide maximum traction for racing.
  • * 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway
  • * 0 – 60 MPH = 4.9 seconds
  • * Top Speed (gov ltd): 143 mph
  • * Brakes, F/R: 14.0-in / 11.7-in
  • * Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Suppose the GR Circuit edition isn’t enough the Morizo Edition promises an even higher level of excitement but at the cost of practicality. In that case, Toyota has removed the rear seat, the rear speakers, and the hatchback-mounted window wiper to save as much weight as possible. Less weight equals quicker lap times.

  • * Morizo Edition trim which was available last year.
  • * The Big wing makes this car stand out in the crowd
  • * Curb Weight: 3269 lb
  • Core at $37,195.
  • Premium – $41,015.
  • Circuit Edition – $45,835.
  • Morizo- $49,900.

Competes with:

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2023 Toyota GR Corolla Reviews Summary:

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