Escape The Ordinary with the 2024 KIA EV9 – First Drive Review

The 2024 KIA EV9 is a 3-row SUV EV with 800V architecture. 5 trim levels will be available. The Kia EV9 Reshapes the SUV user experience with superior design and technology for KIA’s new flagship vehicle.

Different trim and a choice of two powertrain options:
  • * LIGHT RWD: 76.1-kWh battery with a 160-kW (215-hp/ 258 torque) motor that drives the rear wheels. 225 miles range 0-60 7.7 sec.
  • * LIGHT: RWD long-range – 99.8 kWh; 201 hp / 258 torque – 300 miles of range.
  • * WIND AWD: 99.8-kWh battery single-motor configuration targeting 300 miles of all-electric range, 379 hp / 443 torque – 250 miles of content 0-60 5.7 sec.
  • * LAND AWD: 99.8-kWh battery – Dual-motor, 283-kW (379-hp / 516 torque – 240 miles of range) torque vectoring all-wheel-drive 0-60 4.5 sec
  • * GT-Line AWD: Dual-motor EV9 GT-Line offers 379 hp and 516 lb.-ft. of torque, targets 0-to-60 mph acceleration in 4.5 seconds 270 miles of range.

Charging is a standard 800V electrical architecture, which means 10 to 80% charge in under 25 minutes. That gives you 300 miles of all-electric range. KIA has a partnership with Walllbox:

  • * 5000 lb. of towing capacity.
  • * 7.8” ground clearance.
  • * 5-link multi-link rear suspension, McPherson multi-link front suspension.
  • * Vehicle to load technology – 1900W of power – V2L connector.
  • * Vehicle to home – back-up power source – bi-directional charging.
  • * Vehicle to grid – CA is planning on using this technology.

The EV9 offers 20 standard Advanced Driver Assistance Systems including standard collision-avoidance and active assist technologies elevated to new levels with lidar-capable technologies; Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist; Advanced Highway Driving Assist; Lane Following Assist; Blind-Spot Collision Warning and view monitor; Smart parking and much more.

The 2024 KIA EV9 seats 6 or 7 people. Available second-row power-adjustable seats with leg extensions, heating,and ventilation; more legroom than many large luxury SUVs currently offer. Heated and vented 1st and 2nd row plus power relaxation massage seats.

Technology /Features:

Modern urban style with a sculpted and geometric design. Dual display cockpit features full digital instrumentation including a 2 -12.3” screen and a 12” HUD – hands-on detection sensor and integrated haptic switches. Audio is the Meridian premium sound system 700W and Apple Car Play / Android that is wired.

There is more center console storage for bags, purses with the dual-level floating console and wireless charging. There are many charging ports – 6 USB-C. Ambient lighting and Fingerprint starting are some of the other cool technologies.

There is plenty of cargo space with 81.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the first row; 43.5 cubic feet behind the 2nd row and 20.2 behind 3rd row.

Prices will be coming soon and cars ready for sale in the 4th qtr 2023.

Competes with Premium and standard EVs:

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2024 KIA EV9 Review Summary:

  • 00:00 2024 KIA EV9 All-Electric SUV.
  • 00:30 What is a KIA EV9?
  • 05:30 Interior and seating.
  • 08:08 Technology screens.
  • 10:31 Safety features.
  • 11:39 Under the hood.
  • 13:20 Test drive.
  • 16:29 Cargo space.
  • 17:38 Competitors.

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