21 Million Autonomous Vehicles on the Road by 2035

21 Million Autonomous Vehicles on the Road by 2035 – By Chris Jagielski

The IHS has recently reported that 21 million completely and semi-autonomous vehicles will be sold around the world in 2035, while 76 million will be sold from now until then with a certain level of autonomy.

Everything considered – from now through 2035 – IHS gauges that nearly 76 million vehicles with some level of self-rule will be sold all around.

The U.S. will be the leader for deployment and early adoption of these vehicles as it works with congress and regulations to get past the hurdles. Thousands of autonomous vehicles will be on the road by 2020, which will then respectively grow to 4.5 million by 2035, IHS released.

IHS additionally expects that Japan will increase industry coordination and speculation before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The estimate said that about 1.2 million vehicles will have some type of independent driving ability in Japan and South Korea in 2035.


21 Million Autonomous Vehicles on the Road by 2035

Jeremy Carlson, chief examiner at IHS Automotive, said there are difficulties and challenges for certain but that IHS has a positive tone. Carlson indicated how some states – California, Nevada, Florida and Michigan – have been early adopters of independent testing, however they’re still in the early stages on regulation.

During this summer, NHTSA is planning to release new guidelines to states, policymakers and organizations on autonomous vehicles. Concerning different markets, IHS gauges that more than 5.7 million vehicles sold in China in 2035 will be outfitted with some level of autonomy.

These sure are exciting times we are living in. Those “future” films we loved so much growing up are actually becoming a reality. But, at the same time, I’ll always prefer driving – who knows where the robots will take me if I give them the wheel.

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