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5 Tips That Will Make a Difference in the Winter

By Shelby Fix, Car Coach 2.0™

1. Brush the Snow Off

brush show off
Source: nytimes

Honestly, it only takes about 3-5 minutes. Make sure you brush the snow off your car because you don’t want to blind the person behind you with snow flying into their windshield. It causes accidents. “The secret to safe winter driving – is to see and be seen.”

2. Snow Tires Make a Difference

cold snow car cartoon
Source: okstate.edu

Just because you have been driving for years in the snow and you have four-wheel drive, doesn’t mean the conditions will always be the same. It’s good to invest in FOUR winter tires for your car. It’s like not wearing snow boots in a snowstorm and you slip and fall on your face.

3. Clean Off Back-up Camera

fogged back up camera
Source: edmunds

Either you need to clean off your back-up camera, or you need glasses. It’s as simple as getting a paper towel, a napkin from your glove box, or a tissue from your pocket to wipe off the little lens on the back of your car.

4. Emergency Kit – This a MUST have!

emergency kit
Source: laurenfix.com

It’s important to keep an emergency kit in your car at all times, not just during the winter. Should you ever get stuck on the side of the road or stuck in gridlock on the thruway, it’s good to put a blanket, hat, and gloves in your emergency kit as well.

5. Headlights – Be on the Bright Side

silverstar sylvania
Source: Sylvania

80% of your driving decisions are based on visibility. Make sure to replace your headlights every other year. They may not be out, but they do dim.

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