Acura NSX Factory & Honda Heritage Center: His Turn – Her Turn™


Acura NSX plant tour / Honda Heritage Center


The NSX is produced with cutting edge, low volume production; where human craftsmanship and machines unite.

Each vehicle is not driven, engine is track ready, broken in, ready to race.

Benchmark level quality, built to order, zero compromise. High quality components, accuracy and hand built assembly makes the NSX a special collectable vehicle.

17,224 meter facility- 150,000 sq. Feet

70 technicians (top 1% of employees)

Invested $70M

Spotless facility

Vehicles built per day: 4 per day- built to order.

Tour packages can include plant tour, heritage center and advanced driving skills depending on your dream.

Tours are available on all production days. 100-200 clients or guests per year.

NSX is Acura’s halo supercar.

Check out the NSX GT-3 race version in the IMSA series.


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Car Courtesy of Honda
Destination: Marysville, Ohio
Aired: July 16 2017
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