America’s Rudest Road Trip: Laugh Out Loud at These City Names

From Intercourse, Pennsylvania to Buttzville, New Jersey, there are hundreds and hundreds of tiny villages, cities, settlements, and ghost towns throughout the USA with names to make you wonder “Why would someone name their town THAT”?

Drivers looking for a giggle have found out how to take the rudest road trip across America as the glorious summer weather approaches.

From Poopdeck Street in Alaska to Hanky Panky Street in Las Vegas, vacation car rental experts at have researched the most offensive road names in the country to create the ultimate route for brazen travelers.

The USA’s most outrageous road names have been revealed to create the rudest road trip ever – with Morning Wood Drive, Big Beaver Road, and Hiscock Streetamong the filthiest spots. With cheeky signs dotted all over the country, the rude road trip takes drivers across several states to catch a glimpse of all the crudest spots in America.

Texas, New York, and California are just three of the states where motorists will be shocked to hear these names as they embark on road trips. I’m sure that all the names are there for some legitimate reason and not the rude ones that may come into your mind.

Texas has a few prime examples, with Big Beaver and Kickapoo Road causing many a curled lip as road trippers travel through. There is a Big Beaver Road in a few states across the US, this has even been dubbed one of the worst street names in America because the name happens to be a dirty innuendo. Or large dam-building rodents live nearby.

What we did find out is that it turns out that a lot of the settlers striking out on their own in the New World were either, depending on your point of view, very bad or very good at picking names for where they hung their hats. Whoever named most of these cheeky streets was clearly having too much fun, as the placement of some of the roads is conveniently outrageous. 

We’re not even going to pretend these are in any particular order, but please do enjoy some moments of true bafflement, and don’t feel bad if you laugh along the way.

Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky – A tiny community in the rural south, there are several equally implausible stories featuring escaped monkeys that relate to how it got its name. 

Goat City, Tennessee – We can’t find any information at all on Goat City, except that something of that name exists in the state of Tennessee.

Spunky Puddle, Ohio – A ghost town, meaning no one lives here anymore.

Three Way, Arizona – A strange name that has no specific reason for the town’s name. 

Chicken Bristle, Illinois – The name is believed to be from the cockfights those who lived there 100 years ago used to host, it is described by local news as “about a half-dozen homes, a radio tower, a bridge over the Kaskaskia River, thick woods, some stray dogs and a lot of farmland.”

Humptulips, Washington – The name Humptulips means “hard to pole” in the local Native American language because the river was difficult to navigate on canoes. The author Terry Pratchett once claimed it was his favorite place on earth.

Catfish Paradise, Arizona – While this sounds like a nice place to visit for catfish and humans alike, we suspect that, as it’s in Arizona, it is anything but that.

Booger Hole, West Virginia – Fun fact: after a spate of about a dozen murders in the area, it’s claimed that the town was named after the Boogeyman. This is apparently untrue.

Kickapoo, Kansas – Shouldn’t laugh, really, as this community is named after a tiny Native American tribe.

Bridal Veil and Climax, Oregon – These two towns are at opposite ends of the state and have literally nothing to do with one another. We just found the juxtaposition funny.

Boar Tush, Alabama – We can’t find any reason not to believe this town was named after a pig’s backside. 

Bald Knob, Arkansas – Named in more innocent times, when a bald knob could simply be a prominent ridge of rock lacking vegetation, without implying anything dirty.

Satans Kingdom, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut – There are at least three places called Satans Kingdom in the US, one of which is, no word of a lie, a state-run recreation area. Even worse, two of them were apparently so hastily incorporated that they’re missing their apostrophes.

Unalaska, Alaska – This island’s name actually predates that of the mainland, but it sounds like a group of people went off in a huff.

Hell, Michigan – There was such an epidemic of drunk husbands in the early days of this town, according to local legends, that wives would say they’d “gone to hell”. So when they named the town, the mill owner said “call it Hell for all I care, everyone else does”, which is surely the dumbest reason to name a town after what’s generally agreed to be the worst place in the universe.

Pee Pee Township, Ohio – Just imagine moving to the big city and having to tell people this is where you go home for Christmas.

Santa Claus, Arizona – This is odd as the town named Santa Claus has been abandoned since 1995. Santa must have moved to the North Pole.

Sweet Lips, Tennessee – Water from a creek here was supposed to be sweet to the lips of passing Victorian hobos

Toad Suck, Arkansas – No reason for this name, but it sure makes you laugh.

Tightsqueeze, Virginia – named because two businessmen built their shops too close to the road, creating a traffic bottleneck and residents of the town decided to call it Tightsqueeze.

Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey – This probably means something in a Native American language, but what’s funniest here is how weirdly protective the locals are about the hyphens and capital letters.

Knockemstiff, Ohio – Once upon a time in this place, a preacher either advised a woman whose husband was cheating on her, or two women fighting over a man depending on which version of the story you believe, to “knock him stiff”. He was right.

Cut And Shoot, Texas – This is quite a cute one actually: a small boy who witnessed a major dispute at the town’s one church declared “I’m going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!”

Idiotville, Oregon – The logging camp that operated here was once said to be so remote that only an idiot would work there.

Yeehaw Junction, Florida – The state of Florida renamed this tiny town from the movie, “Jackass Junction” in the 1950s, which goes to show that there are names for towns that even Americans consider stupid.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico – Originally called Hot Springs, the town renamed itself after a popular radio program, after its host announced he’d broadcast its tenth-anniversary show from the first town to do so, which goes to show that plenty of Americans are prepared to put up with very stupid names indeed.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania – Either named after the junction between two major roads that intersected here. Intercourse is probably the biggest name backfire in US history, not least because tourists keep nicking the roadsigns. 

I hope you got a few laughs along the way. There are plenty of fun city and street names, share your fun names in the comments. 

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