Bondurant Racing School: His Turn-Her Turn™ Lifestyle Review



Automotive expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, and Paul Brian head down to the Bondurant Racing School in this new edition of their His Turn-Her Turn™ Automotive Lifestyle review.


Bondurant Racing School
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Partnership with Dodge SRT, if you buy a SRT, you get one free day of the Bondurant Racing School. That’s with every Dodge vehicles. Discounts on more than one day.

Scat Paks

Teaching 3-1 ratio
Car control
Weight transfer
Line technique

Skid car
Auto cross
Lead -follow
Lap times

Vipers –
TA2 – rear wing and rear splitter, Pirelli tires. Race brake pads. Safety harnesses.
ACR – huge rear winger, rear diffuser and front splitter, over 1200 lbs of down force, fully adj Bilstein shocks, Kuhmo tires.

SRT Chargers and Challengers –
392 and Hellcat – both automatic and manual choices
Track mode, GoodYear tires, track brake pads.


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Car Courtesy of Bondurant Racing School
Destination: Chandler, Arizona
Aired: May 19, 2017
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