2016 Cadillac CT6



Automotive expert Lauren Fix takes viewers on a test drive of the 2016 Cadillac CT6. Watch her video review of the CT6’s unique features and special engine options, all much lighter than the competition. Is this a comeback for Cadillac?


2016 Cadillac CT6

A new top of the range product
Agility, performance and efficiency

Sized against 7-series BMW, S and E Class and AUDI A8

It’s 1000 lbs lighter than an S Class, it’s the size of the short wheelbase S- Class.

3657 lbs, giving better horsepower to weight ratio. Max weight: 4750 lbs with AWD.

Attitude of the car is “light”.

New formula for luxury sedan, Prestige Luxury

CT6 four pillars

1- Appearance
2- Size /larger vehicle
3- Driving dynamics
4- Quiet

Architecturally quieted the car for an upscale ride.

Active Steering: Every wheel steers, every wheel turns, every wheel has magnetic control. This makes the car more nimble. 3-1/2 degrees of rear turning for easier low speed steering. Offers tighter turning radius too. At high speed, the 2016 Cadillac CT6 offers better control.

Power train
3.0L TT V6
404hp & 400 lb-ft of torque
Engine stop / start technology
Exclusive Cadillac engine

3.6L V6
335 hp., 285 lb-ft of torque
Active fuel management
Engine start/ stop technology

2.0L T
265 hp., 295 lb-ft of torque

All backed by a 8 speed paddle shift transmission.


Panaray / Bose system
Custom designed for 2016 Cadillac CT6
Visually distinct elements and badging.
34 speakers in 19 locations offers a spectacular speakers gives a real 3-D experience.
In excess of 120db.
Plays louder and cleaner than traditional solutions.
2 base boxes underneath the seats
Speakers in front seat head rests
You can feel the acoustic power
4- years in development
They created the best of Bose and added those elements to create the sense that music is being performed right in front of you, regardless of seating posItion.
Articulated array is a commercial quality speaker quality coupled with DSP.


All new platform, it’s a ground up effort.

Best rear seat accommodation in the segment, there is no stretch version.

Lots of dash to axle ratio, give a more balanced proportional feeling.

Easy to get in and out of the rear and front seats.

Gives a feeling of space and good visibility.

This offers an opulent feeling.

Rear seats offer massage seating, heated and cooled plus the full recline.

Luxury car details throughout this car. The headliner feels lower quality than the competition.

Phone/ laptop / tablet and camera connectivity. Has HDMI connection for home Netflix or Amazon Fire Stick. Plus 110 power outlet. Tilt screen and can hide away.

Big wheels 245/40-20 Pirelli Zero tires

Front end has an aircraft feel, more muscular and lighter feel offers more of a sculptural look.

LED running lights run vertically. Sort of a tear.

Unique rear tail lamps


Inside the 2016 Cadillac CT6:
The console armrests opens from both sides.
Seats are extended comfort with 5 mode massaging
Quad zone has separate climate control.
3-1/2′ of travel in rear seats with integrated rear screen on each side.
Wifi for live streaming in 4G.


Standard colors – neutral or jet black interior
Luxury & premium – cinnamon, Light Platinum or jet black
Platinum- maple sugar, light cashmere, jet black with gold weaver carbon fiber optional


Exterior colors:
9 colors available with a traditional luxury car pilot


Mode changes:
Snow/ice – best grip and rear wheel counter steering
Tour – comfortable ride
Sport – vehicle agility

Auto vehicle hold – holds a vehicle at a light until you press the gas pedal again.

1, 2 and 3 finger scrolling on touch pad an has haptic feedback.

Night vision – pedestrian and animal detection. Actually shows a B&W visual imagining so you can locate them. Auto braking for pedestrians.

World’s first – rear camera mirror. 300% increase in rearward vision. Video screen fires through the rear view camera. Also rotates the mirror down to reduce glare. OnStar is standard. You can switch between camera and rear view mirror. Great design and more intuitive.


Driver Vision:
4 camera
Lane keep assist
Side blind zone alert & LCA
Rear cross traffic alert
Lane departure warning
Forward collision alert
Following distance indicator
Auto parking assist


Driver Assistance:
Full speed adaptive cruise control
Auto front braking (low speed) with pedestrian protection
Auto rear braking (low speed)
Around view camera
Heads up display


2016 Cadillac CT6 Price:

$86-89k price point – only option is engine choice

Prices start at: $51,000



Fits 4 golf bags in the trunk.

AWD is a $2000 option

Triggered video recording- records to a SD card

2017 semi-autonomous cars to debut.



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