2017 Jaguar XE: His Turn-Her Turn™ Expert Car Review



Automotive Industry expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® and Paul Brian review the longly anticipated 2017 Jaguar XE. Join them in the mountains of Colorado as they go off roading during their test drive.


Jaguar Elite Care, warranty for 60,000 miles, free of charge maintenance.

This extremely important entry-level Jaguar will be a huge seller for the brand. They are going head-to-head with the Germans and they are giving them a real challenge!

70% aluminum with a 50/50 weight split

New entertainment system, head up display and wifi.


Activity key:
a wrist bad that allows you to lock the keys inside your vehicle so you can golf, surf or anything and not loose your key. It’s a waterproof wristband.


Double wishbone suspension, integral link real suspension for dynamic handling.
Much of the vehicle dynamics comes from the F-Type.

Diesel engine available this summer in AWD or RWD. New traction control systems give the best traction and intelligent drive line technology.


2017 Jaguar XE Competes with:
Audi A4, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-class and many others.


Prices start at:  34,995.



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Car Courtesy of Jaguar
Destination:  Aspen, Colorado
Music: by AudionautiX.com
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