2017 General Tire – Winter Tire Testing with Lauren Fix


General Tire – AltiMax™ Arctic12 Tire


General Tire offers a studdable winter tire with innovative compound and tread pattern technologies for superior traction in low temperatures on wet, snow and/or ice conditions.

For passengers cars, minivans, CUVs and compact SUVs. Offers mileage wear and better grip.

Innovative tread design for maximum grip.
Pinned to allow studs for additional traction
Wider contact patch and longer tread life.
Superb steering response and dry handling when road are dry.
Channels water away from tire for better handling in rain.
Excellent traction in snow and ice.

Wet traction, comfort, snow traction, ice traction and dry traction are important characteristics important when choosing the best winter tire.

14% shorter braking
Better acceleration on snow and ice
More contact to the road means better control.
Certified for Severe Winter Service

Available in 47 sizes – 14″ to 19″ tires. General Tires offers 72 different sizes across their winter tire lineup. So there’s no excuse for not finding a tire for your vehicle.

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