Car Technology: Apple Infotainment System Integration

by Chris Jagielski


Apple Infotainment System Integration

That’s right, folks, Apple is joining the infotainment race. But with whom, you ask? Who else but Ferrari. The technology giant is working with the super-car legend. Words were first passed around in November about an Apple and Ferrari integration, but consumers were skeptical. They were not sure whether the partnership would actually transpire. Sure, Siri Eyes Free was released with iOS6 around that time, but how long would it take to integrate that technology with an infotainment system? Not long, actually.

Now, for all those who don’t know, Siri Eyes Free is basically a talking robot included in your Apple iPhone. Click a button and you are talking to your own personal butler, per se. It won’t go out and get you drinks or hamburgers, but it will tell you where you can find these goodies. Apple’s phone already connects to car’s infotainment systems to act as a gps, stereo, or hands-free texting phone. Users just connect their iPhone with an auxiliary cable to their car, and voila- your new infotainment system. With Siri, it’s hands free. The “voice” control on your steering wheel allows you to talk to Siri. For example, you may ask, “Siri, where are the best barbeque ribs around here?” Siri will usually respond with, “There are four locations near you.” Quite convenient, huh? This makes driving safer for you and others as well.

Okay, okay, you already knew you can connect your iPhone to your dashboard, so what’s the big hubbub about? Well, Apple plans to create an actual entertainment system within Ferrari. The tech giant has already created great works of art from computers, music players, tablets, and phones. Now they are attempting to create technology in automobiles. There isn’t much news on this since it was just confirmed a few weeks ago, but soon we should have all the details. Apple definitely has the engineers to complete this task and, in my opinion, it can easily be done. But is it worth it?

Let’s face it – car infotainment systems are new, cool, and helpful, but will they keep up with the rapid-growing phone market? No. Phones are constantly being released, while car infotainment systems are updated every few years. Infotainment systems can also be confusing and slow at times. Do yourself a favor: if you have an iPhone and are looking for a car, don’t waste an extra $2,000 bucks on an entertainment system – just connect your phone and use Siri.

I believe that in ten years, these infotainment systems will have the power of computers and keep up with the updated smartphones. Right now, car manufacturers are only starting to release new, semi-powerful infotainment systems (Ford and Audi being two of them). This will start a new technology movement, as Apple did when they released the first iPhone. Just give it a few more years and we will see a quick, popular rise in these systems.

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