A Woman in a Man’s World – How I Became The Car Coach

Nothing can stop you but yourself. Today I’m a leader in the automotive, aftermarket and broadcast industries and an inductee into the National Women and Transportation Hall of Fame. But when I first embarked on the journey to pursue my love of everything automotive, I faced many hurdles. Youth, inexperience, self-doubt and a male-dominated industry were my some of my greatest barriers. While women are still underrepresented (and sometimes underestimated) in the automotive and aftermarket industries, they were much more so in the 1980s. I got my start working in mail order sales at my father’s brake remanufacturing company and each day was a challenge to assert my competence in the face of stereotypes. Every day, callers to sales or tech support would ask for a man who could help them. I always responded with, “I can help you!” Although I was the one who designed the components or kits, I found I had to defend my qualifications time and time again.

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach at SVRA

SVRA: Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Blazes her Own Trail at COTA

Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association and author of the acclaimed bestseller, “Ninja Innovation,” points to Lauren Fix as an example of a Ninja. That’s someone, he says, who “doesn’t follow the rules,” and who is “smart, passionate, relentless and driven by an unyielding power to win.”

Lauren has her 2000 Jaguar XKR (BELOW) entered in the Group 11 national championship race of the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) at Circuit of The Americas this weekend. You don’t have to spend much time speaking Fix to become completely convinced Shapiro has it nailed.

Lauren Fix on 2 Wheels: A Glimpse into getting a Motorcycle License

 by Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® I just got my motorcycle license! It was one of those things that I went back and forth about because the only way it would ever happen was to take a motorcycle safety and training course.
 So Paul, my husband, and I took the Ride with a P.R.I.D.E. class …

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