Passport Max Product Review

Escort Passport Max Review

We all know speeding is illegal, but humans don’t always follow the rules – we have a tendency to seek thrills. Or, maybe you’re not doing any speeding, but instead took your Wrangler out for some mud-bogging on “no trespassing” land. Fear not, the Escort Passport Max will make sure you’re in the clear.

TRICO Force Wiper Blades

TRICO wiper blades are designed to perform under extreme weather conditions. Auto expert Lauren Fix tests TRICO Force wiper blades; read her product review!

Eagle One Enviroshine

EnviroShine™ products are a “green” alternative for auto enthusiasts. Car expert Lauren Fix took these products for a test drive. Read her opinion!

Fix-A-Flat® Bikes Only

Fix-A-Flat Bikes Only instantly seals punctures in bicycle tires and inflates in seconds allowing you to finish your ride without having to change the tube. Product review by automotive expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach.

Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step

Most drivers have no clue how to change a flat tire. The Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step brings repairs your tire in seven minutes to get you back on the road. Read the automotive product review by car expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach.

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