What Is Your Dashboard Telling You?

What is Your Dashboard Telling You?

By Shelby Fix, Car Coach 2.0



What is Your Dashboard Tellng You



If you ever have an indicator light come on, like one of these above, it is important to know what it means.



Always remember to use your 5 senses!



1) Sight: What lights do you see? Do you understand what the light means? Make sure you get your owners manual out and read it.

2) Smell: What do you smell? Does it smell like rubber? Rotten eggs? Chemicals? If so, you need to see an ASE technician as soon as possible!

3) Hear: What do you hear? Screeching? Something banging around? Scraping or grinding? If so, it’s important to get that checked out by an ASE technician.

4) Feel: What do you feel? Is the ride a little more bumpy than usual? Does your steering wheel shake? When you go to see a technician about this, you must let them know what you feel when you drive and at what speeds!

5) Taste: You can kiss your car… If you really love it, it will love you back!



Always find an ASE certified technician or your local dealership to get these problems solved. Don’t just assume the lights will eventually burn out… They won’t!

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