December Hot Car – 2008 Koenigsegg CCXR SE

Koenigsegg CCXR SE

From Photographer, Matt Wetzel…


Packing 1,108 Horse Power from a V8 engine in the rear, this car is planted firmly at the front of the pack for world’s fastest production car. Speed testing puts this car well into the upper 240mpg range with room to go; although the top speed is unmeasured, calculations put the car north of 260mph, which is faster than a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Coupe. The car isn’t just geared for top speed either; it scoots to 62mph in 2.9 seconds. The car debuts Koenigsegg’s first ever paddle shifters, as well as a new set of aero winglets, diffusers, and double level rear wing. One of the most unique pieces about the car is that it is finished in complete bare carbon and each panel lines up the weave of the carbon threads with the next adjacent panel. This is remarkably difficult, and time-consuming to accomplish, however the finished results speak for themselves. The car often gets praises for the beauty that the exposed carbon brings to the vehicle.

“This car is one of only two produced worldwide. The car in the photograph is chassis #2/2 and resides in Florida while chassis #1/2 resides in Saudia Arabia. At a value of slightly over $2.5M, this car doesn’t come cheap, but to join this elite club of hyper cars, you pay to play. Chances of one of the two cars coming up for sale is very rare, however if you are open to the idea of having a car that’s slightly more common at just one of 40-50 chassis worldwide, you may opt for a standard Koenigsegg CCXR. Values trading around a $1.0-$1.5M, making those cars slightly more economical. The doors on the car are Dihedral-Synchro-Helix doors, the only car manufacturer in the world to do so.  If you see a Koenigsegg in the wild make sure you get a good look; with only a handful imported to the U.S, you may not see one again for a long time!”

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More about Matt

Matt Wetzel is a twenty-year-old automotive photographer based in Buffalo, NY.

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