Déjà vu For Paul Fix & Trans Am Series At VIR



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Déjà vu For Paul Fix and Trans Am Series At VIR


Paul Fix Trans Am VIR Stopflex



Alton, VA (September 28, 2014)- Paul Fix brought a serious case of momentum and the decisively potent No. 4 Stopflex.com/Tony Ave Racing Chevrolet Corvette to Virginia International Raceway. As a result, Fix continued his dominance of every on track session concluding with a second overall win in as many weeks. Enroute to his latest win, Fix established a new VIR track record.


Fix’s eventually margin of victory over the rest of the field was nearly eight seconds. At one point in the 31 lap event, Fix pulled out to a 13 second gap back to the second place car. Fix led flag to flag to secure his latest win.


Said Fix, ”Last year we were on the podium, but not the top step. I came into this weekend determined to better last year’s result. I think overall we accomplished quite a bit and left our mark on VIR.”


“For me, I take the racing very seriously. I prepare throughout the week in various ways, pushing myself at every opportunity. The results culminate in outcomes as we have seen at Lime Rock and VIR,” noted Fix.


“The guys at Tony Ave Racing are just spectacular in their preparation of the car,” said Fix. “That allows me to focus on the task at hand, driving and being out front where it matters.”


Tony Ave Racing has been at the forefront of the racing activities the last few weeks. For Tony Ave, the result is reaping the rewards of building and preparing the best race cars on track.


“This is what we do,” said Ave. “We spend countless hours preparing for these events. Put a great driver in a great race car and the outcome is exactly as we have seen the last two weeks.”


The dominance exuded by Fix over the course of the last two rounds of the Trans Am Series equates to sitting atop the time sheets for eight consecutive on track sessions. A feat that has gotten the attention of many competitors. Paul Fix and the No. 4 Stopflex.com Corvette will look to Daytona in November and a trifecta to close out the 2014 season.


You can follow Paul Fix at www.facebook.com/paulfixii for updates and photos and on twitter @paul_fix.


About Paul Fix:


Paul Fix is a professional racecar driver based in New York, he has been competing in the SCCA Pro Trans-Am Series since 2000, started racing in 1992. Fix was several wins, podium finishes and championships in his career.



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