DynoValve® as a Fuel-Efficiency Solution

Saving Money Can Begin With Your Car!


DynoValve® as a Fuel-Efficiency Solution





Back to school.  Health insurance premiums and co-pays.  GROCERIES…  While we’re all squeezing our budgets and looking for ways to save money on everyday costs like these, there are some obvious ways that some of these essentials can be minimized.  But there are items that can’t be changed – known in economic circles as “fixed costs” (no pun intended!).   One such cost is the money we spend on gas for our household cars and company fleet vehicles.  Talk about pain at the pump!  That is, until now…

We can take positive steps to reduce the amount of gas we put into our vehicles, and I’ve talked about that in past articles as well as my book, “Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car.”  Some of the points I made to preserve fuel economy include proper tire inflation, using clean air filters/engine oil and ensuring that your gas cap is tightened securely.   However, there is also excellent news on the crankcase ventilation front – a patented PCV valve that replaces the original equipment manufacturer (or “OEM”) PCV valve.  The device is called DynoValve®, and it optimally regulates the flow of engine blow-by gases with an electronically controlled switch.  Or put more simply, it makes your car breathe more efficiently and captures emissions in such a way that fuel and oil is saved.

The result?  MPG improvement by at least 10% in most makes and models, reduced emissions from vehicles by up to 90%, and improved engine performance. 

I have seen this product installed and have tested the results myself.  DynoValve is the only fuel saving product that I’ve found actually works – those other contraptions and gizmos simply do not deliver.  It works, which is great news for automobile drivers facing rising gas prices at the pump.  Some two-car households can see up to $1,700 in fuel savings over the course of a year’s driving (at 15,000 annual miles per vehicle), and fleets can see over $6,000 in fuel savings with their trucks (each) averaging over 120,000 annual miles.  Monitoring of such annual savings data is being performed even today as DynoValves roll out across the country.  Making your vehicle more green through steeply reduced emissions is the icing on the cake…


Check out www.dynovalve.com and see for yourself!


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