Escort Passport Max Review

Escort Passport Max Review

By Chris Jagielski

Passport Max Product Review

 (photo courtesy of ESCORT)

We all know speeding is illegal, but humans don’t always follow the rules – we have a tendency to seek thrills. Or, maybe you’re not doing any speeding, but instead took your Wrangler out for some mud-bogging on “no trespassing” land. Fear not, the Escort Passport Max will make sure you’re in the clear.

I have been able to test the newest installment of Escort’s radar detector line, the Passport Max. It’s chock-full of awesome little features that will make you want drive even more. Its range definitely surpasses any other radar detector I have come across.

While I’m driving, “KA” will beep once, slowly gaining bars. By the time I see the police cruiser it has been half a mile to a mile, depending if I’m on the street or highway. So, yes, this bad-boy gives you a nice warning to let your foot off the gas or ditch the “no trespassing” area. And, may I add, there are barely any false alerts with this detector.

The Max is also GPS-enabled, knowing your current speed and the speed limit of the road on which you’re driving. You can set an OSP Over Speed Alert, so it will warn you when you go over a specific speed. If you get the smart-cord, you can connect to the Live database and load your smartphone to see where local speed traps are. The cord will also display red-light cameras on the detector’s screen if any are in a 1,000-ft radius. No more worrying about that rolling stop.

With the increased range of the Passport Max, HD display, and all-new suction cup, this is the leader and role-model for new detectors. With an asking price of $549.95, it’s a bit pricey, but if you want a top-of-the-line detector that will do its job to keep you out of trouble, this is the one for you.

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