Expert Tips: Choosing the Perfect Auto Transport Company for Your Vehicle

If you are moving cross-country or purchased a car out-of-state, one of the biggest issues is how to transport your vehicle to its new home. I had the same issue and found a reliable service to get the job done to my (admittedly) very high expectations.

Do your research! Look for an established, reliable, and reputable car logistics company that offers the options you’re looking for. Shipping something as big and valuable (or as loved) as a car can be stressful, so it’s crucial to find a company with a great reputation that feels like a good fit for you. The main thing to look for in an auto shipping company is transparent pricing. The last thing you want is to be held hostage to mystery fees once you’ve arrived to pick up your vehicle at point B.

I used Dynamic Auto Movers to transport my Porsche from Colorado to New York, and the process was flawless. When you find a company that works with their customers you should share that so others can benefit. Their experienced logistics team handles the entire process meticulously: from vehicle loading to delivery, ensuring that vehicles are well-protected and transported in a timely manner. They employ a range of transport methods and have well-maintained equipment to cater to various customer needs and vehicle types.

One of the big pluses was their strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and commitment to ensuring the safe and secure transportation of vehicles, which is why they have such a positive reputation in the industry. After speaking to their dispatcher, I was confident that their dedicated team of representatives had the knowledge, experience and promptly addressed the transport and providing details about their services. Make sure when transporting a vehicle that you discuss transportation options, insurance coverage, and pricing. Clear and transparent communication throughout the entire process is critical. There is nothing worse than finding out there are additional surprise fees.

Also, be sure to read reviews for each carrier you’re interested in. Knowing what real customers thought about each company’s ability to safely transport their car is helpful; you want a company with a good track record of satisfied customers.

Make sure the company has auto transport insurance, also known as car shipping insurance. Auto transport insurance falls under the Department of Transportation (DOT) and its mandatory insurance guidelines, so it’s a huge red flag if a company isn’t registered.

Insurance can vary from state to state, but it usually covers basic liability. Ensure a carrier’s insurance covers pickup and delivery of your vehicle as well as the time your vehicle spends in transport. Also ask where the company’s liability for your car ends, and what additional insurance (if any) is included in the quote. 

In general, it takes a week or two to transport your car to various areas of the U.S. Times will vary depending on traffic conditions and weather events. You may also have to wait for your carrier to get a full load before it can begin its journey.

Whether you should use open or closed transport to ship your car all comes down to price and how much you want to protect your car. About 90% of people who transport their car use open transport because it’s the least expensive option. Your car may arrive in need of a good scrubbing when it gets to its destination, but the price of a car wash may be well worth the overall savings. However, if you have a car you want to protect or that’s valuable, you may want to opt for enclosed transport. You’ll pay a premium for it, but your car arriving in pristine condition might make it all worth it.

In terms of pricing, this will vary dramatically whether you want an open or enclosed trailer.

As of July 2023, here are the current average fees. Currently, to transport a vehicle across the country on an open carrier it’s around $1100-$1400. Enclosed for the same route is around $2200-$2400.

If you are moving from North to South on the east coast the route is around $600-$800 on an open carrier. Enclosed for this route is around $1200-$1400.

From North to South on the west coast, the route is around $1100-$1300 on an open carrier. Enclosed for this route is around $1800-$2000.

The prices change, due to factors such as demand and overall seasons and location.

If you’re looking to transport a single vehicle or managing larger-scale operations, I can personally recommend Dynamic Auto Movers –

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