Exposed: The Untold Truth About Inflated Car Prices and Insurance

Lauren Fix and David Bellavia discuss the untold story of increased prices of cars and the impact on insurance rates. The current increase in insurance costs and the impact to consumers is directly correlated to car prices and the UAW strike.

Recalls on Kia, Hyundai and other brands are critical as governments, both local and county, are suing car manufacturers. But the money does not go to the residents that are effected, its actually a money grab and the money goes to the general funds of the government. They have their excuses as to why, but I tell you the truth behind the lawsuits, NHTSA and the impact of these lawsuits.

We also cover the UAW strike, job and electric cars. The UAW now has over 30,000 workers on strike in 22 States. Their demands are fixed and the UAW demands of the Big Three (Ford, GM and Stellantis) includes: 

* 40% raise in wages over four years

* Reinstate cost of living adjustments (benefit lost in 2009)

* End tiered wage and benefit scale

* 32-hour workweek

However, electric vehicles are a huge parts of the strike issues. Workers are struggling and want to get this resolved quickly. Instead the UAW announced more layoffs at a Ford plant. This was a surprise strike of 9,000 workers at the Kentucky Truck Plant.

UAW President Shawn Fain called for a targeted strike of an estimated 9,000 workers late Wednesday with no warning at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, the Detroit Free Press confirmed. The Kentucky Truck builds the Ford Super Duty, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. The Ford Super Duty is among the most profitable products the Dearborn automaker sells.

This strike is far from over and the impact to drivers trying to get parts or a new vehicle is far from over.

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