Fall Car Care and Road Trips

With wet and changing weather conditions, fall is the perfect time to elevate your vehicle’s safety.  So, if you’re looking for increased safety and performance in any weather condition, upgrade your car’s tires to the new MICHELIN® CrossClimate®2.    

Here’s why I love these tires; the CrossClimate2 stops shorter in dry and wet conditions than competitors and lasts up to 15,000 miles longer.  For most drivers, that’s an additional year of use!  In wet conditions tests (even when worn) the CrossClimate2 stopped 50 feet shorter when stopping at 50 mph.  Wondering why this tire looks a little different? The V-formation works together with the tire's proprietary rubber compound to keep you safer and last longer.  Most tires do one or two things well but have to sacrifice certain other performance traits that are important to drivers. But this one does it all to keep your family safe.  The Michelin CrossClimate2 raises the bar in all-season tire technology, exceptional braking, improved handling and longer life.

Shell stations across the U.S. now accept payment through Uconnect Market in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ in-vehicle commerce platform. What does this mean? It means customers with eligible vehicles can find the nearest Shell station and then pay for fuel directly from the comfort and safety of their own vehicle.

The in-vehicle payment feature makes busy customers’ lives easier and safer by not only providing improved speed, convenience and value, but also allowing customers to pay from the comfort of their vehicle during COVID-19, providing less touch points at the pump.

Those who use Uconnect Market to pay for fuel and services at Shell can also earn and redeem rewards and savings through the Fuel Rewards® Program, which helps drivers easily lower the cost of everyday life by paying less for fuel.

With temperatures beginning to drop, it is important to know that motor oil is properly protecting the heart and soul of your vehicle, the engine. Always follow your owner’s manual for proper motor oil grades and intervals, to ensure your engine is operating within your manufacturer’s recommendation.

Your engine endures severe conditions when the temperature drops. To help protect your engine against the cold, I recommend using Quaker State Full Synthetic motor oil. It helps provide excellent lubrication in freezing temperatures and delivers strong engine performance.

To make sure your engine is protected during colder climates, head to your local AutoZone to purchase Quaker State Full Synthetic motor oil on sale now through October 19!

SABRE’s Safe Escape 3-in-1 Automotive Tool, available at Walmart.com, is an effective and easy-to-use personal protection product, essential to anyone preparing to travel in their car this fall and winter.  The Safe Escape features a seatbelt cutter to be used on malfunctioning seat belts, a durable, stainless steel tip to that's a perfect glass-breaking tool for window glass, and SABRE’s signature Pepper Gel thats 5x stronger.

While visiting Walmart.com, you can also check out SABRE’s full product line, including its Pink Key Case Pepper Spray. SABRE uses the proceeds from every purchase of this crucial safety tool to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, donating more than $2 Million to-date. Retail: $14.99

Become a smarter driver with a smart dash cam. The Cobra SC 201 simultaneously captures what’s happening inside and outside the vehicle, offering Full HD resolution plus infrared night vision for a clear picture at any hour. It’s the only dash cam available that taps into a community network of drivers that share over 100 million real-time road alerts a year to make you a smarter and safer driver.   

You can count on the SC 201 with its built-in GPS plus Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, allowing you easy access to the Drive Smarter® app and community. You’ll be able to easily view, edit, and share videos from the cloud to help you streamline the insurance claims process.  Available at Best Buy and cobra.com for $179.95, the SC 201 is a must-have for your daily commutes or holiday road trips.Get peace of mind with Cobra Smart Dash Cameras and Drive Smarter App.

For more information about all these products, feel free to visit the individual sites in the links referenced above or explore laurenfix.com for more driving and care tips.

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