Fluid Rx Comprehensive Fluid Diagnostics Kits

Fluid RX

Fluid Rx offers a really incredible way to determine when to change your vehicle’s critical fluids.

The UNDERHOOD Fluid Evaluation kit (PN 85128) & All-In-One Diagnostics Kit (PN 75128) answers the question you have been curious about: “What is the condition of my vehicle’s fluids and do they need to be serviced?”

This low cost, simple kit offers all the proof you need that it’s time to change those fluids. I was impressed with how simple and quickly it worked for me.

Fluid Rx tells you when the fluids in your vehicle are depleted or sludge has formed. Sludge shortens the life of your car and reduces performance, causing an overall increase in operating costs. Fluid Rx is a diagnostic tool that provides analysis of fluids without requiring specialized tools or training.

Fluid RX2

I found this product incredibly simple to use. Simply place a drop of the sample fluid or lubricant on the Fluid Rx tester (filter paper) then compare the findings to the Fluid Rx laboratory analysis chart. In just seconds, Fluid Rx provided an analysis of my engine oil, power steering, transmission and brake fluids. The antifreeze/ coolant diagnostics section showed an accurate evaluation of glycol content, and the anti-corrosive properties of all coolants.

The kit costs under $20 and is available at local auto parts stores. I felt that an analysis with Fluid Rx was well worth my time, with the potential to save consumers money on costly service and repair costs.

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