Auto’s Fashion Night Out by Paul Fix III

Auto’s Fashion Night Out

by Paul Fix III, Car Coach Reporter


Automotive manufacturers often host events to invite journalists to see their new cars. This being my first, it was very exciting to be invited to McLaren’s release of the new MP4-12C. This masterpiece of British engineering has finally been joined by a cousin, the beautiful and captivating Spider. Now let’s hit the stats: The 3.8 Litre twin-turbo V8 has been transposed into the Spider as well. This seven speed, flappy-paddle gearbox redlines at 8,500 RPM, and the engine pumps out a fantastic 617 horsepower! Unfortunately I didn’t get a ride, but the sound that comes out the rear of the Spider is heavenly. While it’s cousin, the coupe, has a top speed of 207 MPH, the Spider tops out at 204 MPH, and the 0-60 time is 3.1 seconds. Look out for it on the road—or own one for a whopping $268,250.


The next day, my mom (Lauren) and I went to Ford’s Random Acts of Fusion at Fashion’s Night Out. If you’ve had a chance to see the 2013 Ford Fusion, you just might do a double take; the brother of an Aston Martin designer designed the new Fusion. The hybrid was also released at this event to promote Ford’s attention and respect for the environment. The Fusion SE Hybrid has an MPG of 47! This is a huge step up from their standard model for 2013, which is 25 city, 37 highway. Obvious improvements are the design cues on the exterior and interior. The Fusion finally has My Ford Touch and it looks like a sports car. You can find it on the shelves in your local supermarket for $21,700 for the standard and $27,200 for the hybrid.


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