The Motor Vehicle, April 18th 1901

Excerpt from “The Motor Vehicle, April 18th, 1901”

 Learn more about the history of the motor vehicle.

carriage 1

This vehicle is an electric carriage built by carriage builders, on carriage lines of construction, but strengthened at all points to meet requirements of electric propulsion, no tubing being used.  It has wood wheels, hard rubber tires, wood reaches, Colling style of axle, and ball bearings throughout.  The seat is fourty-one inches (41”) wide, roomy enough for three persons.  The vehicle has a victoria top of best quality hand-buffed leather, and is trimmed in either broadcloth or leather, and painted as desired.  It has eight speeds forward, and three backward.  Its highest is fourteen miles per hour (14 mph), and the greatest mileage can be obtained on the intermediate speed of eight miles per hour (8 mph).

carriage 2

The storage battery used in this carriage has a capacity of fifty miles on one charge over level roads at the intermediate speed, and on a trial trip under normal conditions of road, sixty-three miles has been made.  The battery can be fully recharged in fourty-five minutes from any 115 volt circuit at a cost not to exceed 25 cents.


The battery will be maintained for a period of five years at a charge not to exceed 5 dollars per month if so desired.  This vehicle is made by the Buffalo Electric Carriage Company, 400 Military Road, Buffalo, New York.

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