January Hot Car – 2018 Lexus LC500



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2018 Lexus LC500



From Photographer Matt Wetzel…


2018 Lexus LC500


One of the last, but certainly not least, entrants into the sports and luxury large coupe market is Lexus’ new LC500. Joining the likes of the BMW 6 series, Mercedes Benz S Class, Bentley Continental, and even the Aston Martin Vanquish is the latest offering from the Japanese luxury brand. Lexus promises this will be the start of a new design trend for the brand, but also the way of the future with increasingly more luxurious and more technologically-advanced cars.

Lexus is synonymous with producing cars that don’t usually garner a second look, for owners that don’t wish to get a second look when driving by. Cars that would rather blend in than be noticed, and owners that prefer you don’t use words like “sporty,” “flashy,” or “technologically-advanced” when describing their vehicles.

Enter the 471 horse power, front engine, rear wheel drive, luxury coupe that is as much at home taking turns on a race track as turning heads on the street. Lexus has taken a bold step forward in the last few years to “wake up” the brand and how it is perceived. While some models like the LS and GS stay more true to their Lexus roots, with a subtle and quiet approach to styling, the new IS and RC line-up have shaken up consumers with accentuated styling, flared fenders, and even a little “sport” sprinkled into their DNA.

The LC500 is known by its makers as a sports-touring coupe, but those in the industry know those are sly terms for a really fast two door. With an active aero wing and available carbon fiber roof, this is a thinly veiled wolf in very seductive sheep’s clothing.

The front mounted engine produces 471 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. The power is mated to a 10 speed automatic (sorry no manuals) that is sent to the rear wheels. 0-60 miles per hour is over within a scant 4.5 seconds, and we are hoping that some of the future buyers will put this power to good use. 

Lexus usually sends us a “F” variant car a few years after the standard car is delivered, so we can expect an LCF arriving down the road as a serious hot car. For now Lexus is focusing on technology and power, so this car will feature an autonomous driving feature, a semi virtual cockpit, and a whole host of other tech gadgets to wow consumers when the car arrives later this year. Lexus will also be producing a hybrid version LC500H which should return improved gas mileage figures and all electric performance for those with green thumbs and sizable wallets. The starting price for the LC range is $94,000 and the order books are now open. We should see the production version on the auto show circuit this year, so keep your eyes open when passing the local Lexus dealer; there will be something turning heads there shortly.



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Matt Wetzel is a twenty-year-old automotive photographer based in Buffalo, NY.

To see more of his work visit www.facebook.com/mattwetzelphotography

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