i-Key and Greeting Technology: Your Car WIll Know Your Name

By Chris Jagielski


Most cars today are equipped with outstanding technology that makes every driving experience more enjoyable. New technologies are being invented quicker than ever before; some are being created as we speak. One of the newest, most personal inventions, called “greeting technology,” can be found in the all-new Infiniti Q50, but is also being placed in other new vehicles.

This new tech can greet up to four different drivers with their name as they start the car, and their picture will appear on the welcome screen. The vehicle recognizes the driver by a unique i-Key, which holds certain data pertaining to said driver. This special key will also store the driver’s preferred seating adjustments, music selections, and climate control. Yes, this technology has already been introduced in a few cars, but they haven’t yet been stored on an individual’s key.

This “i-Key” can also store a driver’s preferred steering feel. The driver can control and program the key to remember how much tautness they desire while handling their vehicle. This is great for different weather conditions and for individuals who enjoy driving the car in a different way.

It’s clear our cars are becoming more personal and closer to our hearts than ever before. They now have personal greetings, custom seat/music/climate preferences, and phone adaptations. Downloading apps, understanding select preferences, and showing your picture, your vehicle is close to becoming your new best friend—one that’s always with you on the road, even if you are driving alone.

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