JBL Trip from Harman


JBL Trip:  High-Quality Audio Gear For Safer And Smarter Road Trips!

Automotive expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach shares how to get clear, crisp bluetooth technology for your car and beyond with JBL TRIP from HARMAN. Stay safe, minimize distractions and get fantastic sound with this new technology tested by your favorite Car Coach!


Join Lauren Fix as she discuses Car Safety such as:

The hot devices and apps people are using while driving (Navigational systems, Smart-phones, WAZE, hands-free clamps, tablets and video players)

Behavior that puts people at risk, especially among younger drivers (talking/texting, using hands to operate radios and other devices, putting on makeup, reading!)

Statistics on car crashes, deaths and injuries from distracted-driving

The benefits of a truly, hands-free device for handling communications, entertainment and navigational needs (Portable high quality audio system that can be used in and outside the car)


Buy this JBL Trip from Harman today at JBL.com for $99.95


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