Lauren Fix on 2 Wheels: A Glimpse into getting a Motorcycle License

 by Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®



I just got my motorcycle license! It was one of those things that I went back and forth about because the only way it would ever happen was to take a motorcycle safety and training course.
 So Paul, my husband, and I took the Ride with a P.R.I.D.E. class with about 20 other excited riders.

The class was interactive and very informative.  I have to say that when I do find that right bike for me, I will also have a new found respect for my two-wheeled friends.  So now will I become the “Motorcycle Coach?”

We shall see – but there is nothing like taking a safety class to get you acquainted and comfortable with riding on the road.

Tip: The best motorcycle drivers are only as good as the traffic that is aware of them.

Sharing the road with two-wheeled vehicles:

Be aware of the single headlights as they come at you or at intersections.  The headlights on motorcycles are always on for their protection and your awareness.  Some aftermarket options have the headlights and taillights flashing to get your attention.

Don’t pass too closely.

Don’t follow too closely, because they have a shorter stopping distance than a car.  If they stop short, you can easily drive over them.

Sometimes it’s difficult to judge the speed of a motorcycle, so if in doubt wait before pulling out on to the road.  That short 30 seconds can be all the difference in a bad accident.

Be especially aware at intersections.  I personally witnessed a few serious accidents.  It makes you really look at the road differently.
Some states require helmets and others don’t.  So give them space and be safer.

I’ve loved getting to know motorcycles and look forward to learning to be safe sharing the road!

Love Your Car!
Lauren Fix

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