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Lauren Fix is a highly regarded and trusted automotive expert, media guest and speaker. Founder of Automotive Aspects, CAR SMARTS® and author of numerous books and articles including the award-winning Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car (St. Martins Press, June 2008), Lauren provides solid information and an auto industry insider’s perspective on a wide range of automotive topics and safety issues. In addition to being a leader in positive consumer awareness of the automotive world for over 20 years, Lauren is often asked to speak to groups about her success in marketing, entrepreneurship, parenting and other lifestyle topics.

Dedicated to presenting fun, interactive and upbeat programs that inform, empower, educate and entertain, audiences routinely give Lauren high praise for her down-to-earth style, approachability and humor. In addition to automotive organizations such as Michelin, NASCAR, Midas, and AC Delco, Lauren’s recent speaking engagements include American Express International, Girl Scouts of America, the Royal Canadian Museum as well as numerous university alumni clubs and civic organizations. In 2005, she literally took her inspirational advice on cars and life on the road with “Oprah’s Live Your Best Life Tour.’

More than just a trusted and true car industry expert, Lauren inspires people to pave their own roads to success – in business and in life.

While Lauren is happy to personally customize her keynotes, presentations and workshops to meet the needs and goals of any organization, some of her popular speaking topics are outlined below.


Loving Your Car: How to Take Charge of Your Car and Get On With Your Life

Designed for general audiences, Lauren Fix provides the ultimate “fix” to keep people in the know about their car and to keep their cars on the road. Moving beyond standard car-care tips, Lauren shares all the tools needed to purchase, care for, and basic car repair, including how to talk to your mechanic in a language you can both understand, how to find the best car for your lifestyle, what car repairs you can do yourself and which ones to avoid.

Women rely on their vehicles to conduct their lives, transporting friends and family members to work, nail appointments, school, soccer practice, meetings, and more. More than just practical, cars are important fashion accessories as many women buy cars that reflect their personalities. What women don’t know and the auto-industry is only now starting to value – is that women are the driving force behind what America drives! In this talk, Lauren empowers women by demonstrating how much influence they really have in an industry has long made them feel powerless. The automotive world isn’t a man’s domain nor has it been for a long time. Women rule the road and Lauren puts them firmly in the driver’s seat. This high-energy talk includes:

-The Power of the Purse: Love It or Lose It When Shopping for A Vehicle

-The Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiation: How to Get a Good Deal, Not Taken for A Ride

-The Keys to Empowerment On and Off the Road!

-What Goes Around Comes Around – Using Your Feminine Force for Good Car-Ma!

(Lauren’s passion is to empower and educate female drivers across America. Watch the video below for clips of her TV appearances aimed at empowering women).



CAR SMARTS®: Get Yours Now! For High School or College Students

Lauren, The Car Coach®, and her daughter Shelby Fix, the Teen Car Coach™, bring teens or college students a fun, fresh vision on cars, driving and the personal freedom pitfalls that comes with them. Typically given in partnership with schools or community service groups, this interactive presentation has two parts – one part classroom-style talk, one part hands-on demonstrations and instruction on how cars work in a “garage workshop” where teens explore their own vehicles. With the guidance of Lauren and Shelby, who both have a lifelong passion for cars and how they work, participants will learn the basic car parts, easy do-it-yourself repairs, and maintenance tips to extend the life of a car and save serious money. This workshop can be broken up into individual presentations.

Shelby Fix Buffalo Seminary Car Workshop



CAR SMARTS® for Parents of Teens: Get In The Know

Given the increasing traffic, construction and distractions on the road today, driving is not always smooth sailing. When newly-licensed teens take to the roads, their parents are justifiably anxious about their safety and lack of experience. As a mother of two high school aged children, Lauren understands the worries and frustrations that arise when children take to the highway. In this talk, she educates parents with tips and strategies for managing their teens and the new realities of the road. With tools that increase their child’s safety and strategies for setting reasonable and clear rules for their teen, parents are put at ease and in control. Topics covered include:

-Texting is the New DUI and Other Teen Driving Potholes

-What Driver’s Ed Doesn’t Teach Your Teen – But You Must!

-Get Your Teen CAR SMARTS®: Save Money and Aggravation With At-Home Basic Repairs and Maintenance

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach and Shelby Fix, Car Coach 2.0



Today’s Entrepreneurs: Buckle Down and Get On the Road

Lauren Fix is the epitome of entrepreneurism. She has been buying and selling businesses since the age of 16, and has started multiple successful corporations. Always media and tech savvy, Lauren makes it her business to know the business she’s in. In the process, she helps other entrepreneurs do the same. Her success over the years is filled with examples and anecdotes on how to take a great idea, infuse it with proper field and marketing research, and launch it successfully into the world. Her talks to small business owners and other entrepreneurs addresses:

-Revving the Engines: Making Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Work for You

How do you get where you want in life? It’s more than self-confidence… you need to create a road map in “reverse.” Lauren shares how to create and follow a plan as well as the smartest ways to REV your own engine and get to your destination.

-Sales & Marketing: How to Build a Well-Oiled Machine in Today’s Tech-Savvy World

-Capturing Multi-Generational Customers: Marketing Strategies That Work

-Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Living and Working in a Male-Dominated Industry

We always talk about breaking the so-called “glass ceiling” – is there really a ceiling, or are we our own roadblock? Lauren Fix presents on the importance of overcoming hurdles in all aspects of our lives and why complaining and whining is not the answer.  Instead, learn how the right tools in your toolbox can make the job easier.  From the outside in, Lauren show you what tools and inner resources we all have, and how to use them to break through barriers.

Female automotive experts Lauren Fix and Shelby Fix with MINI engineers



For Auto Executives and Auto Industry Professionals

As an insider with almost 30 years experience that includes auto aftermarket and new car production, consumer advocacy and education, sales and dealer training and development, Lauren keeps her audiences up-to-date with the latest insider information relevant to their role in the industry. Her customized presentations are designed to help dealers understand the customers they sell to as well as how to survive in an ever-evolving industry. Born and raised in Detroit, Lauren is from a family of auto professionals and began working on cars as a child. She is a member of SAE (Society Of Automotive Engineers), a certified ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) technician and an active member of numerous auto associations including the Automotive Industry Aftermarket Association (Be Car Care Aware Program), Automotive Communication Council, National Women’s Automotive International, the Women’s Board of the Car Care Council, SEMA Businesswomen’s Network and Steering Committee and the Automotive Communications Council. Lauren is also the 2008 Automotive Woman of the Year, a very prestigious award.

She is routinely asked to present workshops and training sessions to auto-industry professionals. She tailors each talk to match the specific challenges and situations of each audience group. Recent engagement topics include:


Car-Zen: Helping Your Clients (or Customers) Love Their Cars and Build Loyalty to You!

Car-Zen focuses on the understanding that people choose a vehicle to match their personalities. You are what you drive! As a sales person, it’s vital to help guide customers to auto-enlightenment! Getting there requires reading the cues customers send – whether they know it or not – and gently guiding them to a purchase they will thank you for every day. Lauren Fix explores the balance between good business and customer service, and offers tips and strategies for:

-Determining What Customers Need (and Want) From Their Cars

-Building Loyalty and the New Ways of Retaining Customers

-Exploring New and Underestimated Markets



For Dealers: Driving Your Career While Driving Sales

-Avoid the “Pink Pothole” – Understanding the Power of Women in the Industry and in the Marketplace

-The Perfect Deal– Pitching with Integrity

-The First Eight Seconds–Making the Right Impressions That Lasts

-The Current State of the Auto Industry: How to Survive and Thrive



Current Events: What Changes in the Industry Mean to Your Bottom Line

From shifts in marketing, production, promotion, delivery, and maintenance, the auto industry is continually evolving. Lauren offers her insider’s perspective on the current auto business climate. A seasoned professional, Lauren will bring up-to-the-minute insights on the industry affects the everyday lives of Americans generally and auto industry and related professionals specifically.


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Lauren Fix and Shelby Fix keynote speakers

Lauren Fix

  • Customized keynotes, presentations and workshops

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