March Hot Car – 2017 McLaren 720S



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March Hot Car - 2017 McLaren 720S



From Photographer Matt Wetzel…


2017 McLaren 720S


It has been quite a while since the last time we featured a McLaren on Hot Cars of the Month, December of 2016 to be precise. Now I’m not sure if McLaren knew that or not, but they did just unveil an amazing new sports car (coincidence? I think not) and I didn’t hear anything in their Geneva press conference that indicated it wasn’t debuted especially just for our readers so I present you with the all-new 2017 McLaren 720S “Hot Car of the Month Edition”.

Now all jokes aside, the British manufacturer has been developing this car for a long time, and this is their next great addition to their aptly named “Super Series”. Meant to replace the very popular 650S which was introduced a few years ago, the 720S is cut from a very different cloth that still brings all the best the brand has to offer.

A very dramatic styling departure from both the 570 and 620S series, the 720S maintains a similar overall tear drop shape, while resetting the bar for aero dynamics, and technological prowess. In profile, the car no longer features large side radiator intakes as would be present on earlier models, and most competitor products. In their place, McLaren has developed a double skin beneath the aluminum draped doors that allows air to be channeled into the radiators more efficiently, while allowing for an unassuming exterior. Using this method, cooling is improved by 15% over the last generation model. Moving up front, the 720S now sports an “eye socket” light arrangement comprised of 5 LEDs producing all required lighting configurations. This improves the overall aerodynamics of the car, and sets the car apart from the pack as it is one of the very first to engage this lighting setup.

Moving towards the rear, another noticeable change is the rear “aero-foil” or rear wing; this is still hydraulically operated but provides in this car over 30% more downforce than the previous. Functionality is also increased to allow for multiple downforce modes, an all-new DRS mode, as well as up to 100% airbrake deployment in less than 0.5 seconds. The V8 twin turbo engine is still in the middle, this time slightly lower, sitting 120mm closer to the ground than last time. Nestled into a brand new carbon fiber chassis, the 720S sheds weight, and makes more power; an intoxicating combination for any automotive enthusiasts. Weight is down to 1,283kg, and power is up to 710 horsepower.

The 720S is good for a claimed 212 mph top speed, which is about how fast you will need to go to get to the closest dealer and reserve your car. While this isn’t a limited production run like a lot of the cars we feature here, like an exotic car there are only so many that do get made. Being made in part by hand, the waiting list to specify your chassis gets longer every day. For those interested, the car will start just under $300,000; fret not if you think that is too cheap for your stable, McLaren has a special MSO division which specializes in customization that can double, and even triple the price if your ideas are wild enough. Expect deliveries to begin  later this year. 



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