May Hot Car – 2017 Ford GT

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May Hot Car - 2017 Ford GT

Ford gave this new car everything they had. After creating multiple concept cars and renderings, this new GT has been in the works for quite a while. Since the mid 2000s, Ford knew they had a tall order to fill in redesigning their extremely popular GT series. How do you follow up on an icon, that also had to follow an icon before its time? Go back to the drawing board, redefine what is possible, and what Super Car means, and that is exactly what Ford has done.

All new for 2017, Ford will be entering the Super Car arena with this sleek two door, mid engine super car. Anyone who remembers the classic GT40, and the mid 2000’s Ford GT will see similar design cues, but packaged in a new form. Fresh from the ground up, the only features between the 2017 Ford GT and its previous iterations is the Ford name and that speed and performance come bar none.

Looking at the build sheet, Ford has included all of the right numbers. For starters, the car packs a Ford “Eco-Boost” V6 engine, wait what? A V6 engine, in a super car, what is this madness, and why does it say eco?! Yes folks, that is right, Ford has opted to stray from the beaten path on this model. Their engine choice means the loss of two cylinders from previous years, but the gains are so much higher. Once you lose the mindset that V6 engines mean low power — slow cars like the Toyota Camry model — you open up to a world of possibilities. Nissan GTR fans this is your place to chime in! Once Nissan showed that you could have insanely fast cars with their Twin Turbo V6 engines and still maintain easy drivability, reliability, and MPG, as well as win races, Ford knew that it could enter this new forward thinking engine game as well.

After a questionable sales year with the eco-boost Mustang, Ford announced that the GT would have the Eco-Boost V6, and it was received only so-so by those viewing the car at the various auto shows. All of this changed, however, when the car was first driven, and once its true inner beast was revealed. Confident that the 600 horsepower available was more than enough to get the job done, Ford decided to get back to its roots and go racing. Entering the car in multiple races this year, Ford has already proven with multiple wins that the car is more than fast enough for anyone that wants speed.

Ford has promised us a new level of fit and finish, and a level of refinement that has not previously been seen on a product in their lineup. Seeing as this will most likely be the most expensive production car they have ever had, they understand that customers have a few options on this playing field. With the likes of Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini all being contenders, Ford had to step their game up, using only aluminums and carbon fiber in the construction of the car. The car is graced inside and out with both of these, and the interior cabin harks back to the original design cues of the GT40, but with modern luxury touches like GPS, and comforts we look for in an upper level car.


Ford hasn’t released official numbers on acceleration, however, given the car’s scant weight and carbon fiber diet, the car is expected to dispatch ultimate speed to the tune of 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds. From there it heads up to and over a 200 MPH top speed.


For those of you with a large amount of money, north of $250,000, heading over to your Ford dealer unfortunately will not get you a car. For one of the first times ever, Ford is holding a selection process for owners, and each person who wishes to be selected to buy the car must be Ford approved, and hand picked. Ford has done this for a couple of reasons, the first being they want to see the Ford community get some cars that will actually be used. With such a wonderful new car, it would be a shame if they were all holed up in a dusty car collection, not to be used and driven. Two, Ford also wants the car to do a lot of its own brand marketing, and advertisement for the blue oval brand. As one of the larger components, Ford asks about an applicants social media presence, and influence. They want people that will post pictures and videos of the car, and spread the word to fans about how great it really is.

Ford has an all new car, and an all new way to get it to consumers. Since 500 will be produced, and 500 great owners should be selected, hopefully this means we will see it soon. Estimated delivery dates are supposed to be late 2017.

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