MINI Connected

by Christopher Jagielski


Infotainment systems – oh, how I love them so. As you may know, I am not a huge fan of infotainment systems, but recently, manufacturers are creating some impressive interfaces. One being the new and improved, MINI Connected.

MINI Connected is a mix between an Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod and, well, just basically an all-access computer. It has everything you need from audio books, music, and GPS. Simply connect your iPhone with an adapter and download the Connected application. It is that simple. You will be able to sync your music, kindle books, and locations to the infotainment system.

Going somewhere for vacation? Get the directions on your computer and send them to your car via Google Maps. When you start your car, the directions will be saved. On a high mileage vacation trip, you may want to take a break from your music. But what else would you do? Open up the audio books app. Just sit back, relax, and drive while listening to Ernest Hemingway. You will also be able to jump chapters, bookmark where you left off, and even set the reading speed. Now that is convenient.

Besides listening to your iPod for music, you can open the Pandora app to find even more music to your liking. Users will also be able to skip forward 30 seconds or go back 30 seconds while listening to their songs. If you’re not a fan of Pandora, don’t worry – there is also Rhapsody.

Want to share your location with your friends on your awesome vacation? Glympse is the application for you. You will be able to share you location straight from your car to your Facebook account. Show your jealous friends that you’re at the Grand Canyon.

Let’s say that on this road trip you’re tired of books and music. You want to hear some good old-fashioned talk radio. Well, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts and live radio around the world. That’s right – not only radio in your area, but the entire globe. Fascinating. Taking a break from the radio? Don’t worry, you can add that station to your favorites for a quick find on your way back home.

Well, that was an adventurous vacation, wouldn’t you say? I don’t think it would have been fun without MINI Connected. It is a great infotainment system and uses current up-to-date technology to give drivers the experience they desire. You won’t want to leave your car.

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