MyFord Touch Receives an Overhaul – Ford Sync 3


Ford Sync 3

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By Chris Jagielski


*a sigh of relief* It’s about time. Every time I entered my father’s Explorer or friend’s Escape, I couldn’t bear the sight or navigation of Ford’s infotainment system. I’d like to think I was just spoiled by Chrysler’s Uconnect in my Cherokee, but that wasn’t the case – Ford and Microsoft didn’t work together.


So Microsoft is out of the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I love Microsoft but the platform just didn’t work well with Ford. So, enter BlackBerry. Not only is Ford dropping Microsoft, they are also renaming their infotainment system to “Sync 3″.”


Picking up BlackBerry may be a bit risky due to the company’s decline in cellular device sales, although their technology and design is worth noting. They will be making Sync 3 more user-friendly, being able to sync with all software platforms.


Sync 3 will keep the same 8-inch screen as MyFord Touch had, as well as an increase in voice functionality, larger text and touch zone, and a brighter display. There will also be a menu to the side of the screen instead of boxes with all the options. This makes the screen less clunky and easily accessible.


A very convenient component of Sync 3 is that it can sign into your home Wi-Fi and update the system itself – something many infotainment systems are missing.


Sync 3 will begin to roll out into Ford’s vehicles beginning 2016. As 2016 begins and Sync 3 is distributed, there will still be options for MyFord Touch in lower trim models.


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