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9th WCA L.A. Test Drives - Part 3

3 months ago

At our exclusive L.A. Test Drives this year, we had some cars brought in from outside the United States, for our jurors to experience...


9th WCA L.A. Test Drives - Part 2

3 months ago

The World Car Awards have an exclusive test drive event every year in Pasadena. Many of the eligible cars in the running for the awards...


9th WCA L.A. Test Drives - Part 1

3 months ago

The unique and very prestigious LA Test Drives event, organised by the World Car Awards, sees many of its jurors travel from far and...

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Lamborghini Yacht Is Like a Supercar on the Water "Lamborghini is lending its DNA to create a new 63-foot yacht that will reach 69 mph, a blistering sea speed for a motorboat of its size." (courtesy of

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