Flying Cars by 2017?


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The Car Coach will discuss automotive news of the day including: the possibility of a flying car by 2017, court documents alleging a GM cover-up of the ignition problems, Tesla’s Elon Musk wanting to make a self-driving Model S, updates to the Model S to address range anxiety and orders for the 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat on hold because of production backlog.

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach is the host of a candid automotive segment for Newsmax TV called “Put the Pedal to the Metal.” The segment airs weekly on DirectTV Channel 379, Dish Network Channel 223, Verizon Fios 115, Time Warner Cable and online.


Tune-in to “Pedal to the Medal” with Lauren Fix and Ed Berlinger

every Wednesday at 2:30pm ET!

Courtesy of NewsMax TV

Aired: 3/20/2015

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