Geneva Auto Show Edition: Start Your Bank Accounts



Geneva Auto Show Edition: Start Your Bank Accounts


One of the most exclusive cars in the world where the company comes to YOU to change the tires, the Koenigseegg Agera. The new electric Bentley (which might make NO sense at all). And the new Mercedes that NEEDS to be in your garage if you can afford it. Join Host Ed Berliner and “Car Coach” Lauren Fix from Switzerland for this ultra expensive toy show- the Geneva Auto Show


Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® shares incredible new vehicles and automotive news, including the latest in automotive technology, government regulations, autonomous vehicles, car sales, the best of the auto shows and future of the automotive industry.


Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® is the host of a candid automotive segment for Newsmax TV called “Put the Pedal to the Metal.” The segment airs weekly on DirectTV Channel 379, Dish Network Channel 223, Verizon Fios 115, Time Warner Cable and online.


Courtesy of NewsMax TV

Aired:  March 9, 2017


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