Lauren Fix on a 4 Billion Federal Investment



The Car Coach, Lauren Fix, will discuss U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx proposing a 4 billion federal investment for autonomous vehicle development and adoption, a proposed New Hampshire road user fee that would charge car owners more the better mileage their cars get.  President Barack Obama is saying he is proud of the American auto recovery.  He stated this while visiting Detroit’s annual auto show, even though gas guzzling SUV and truck sales are fueling the recovery.


Lauren Fix, The Car Coach shares incredible new vehicles and automotive news, including driverless trucks and autonomous vehicles.


Lauren Fix, The Car Coach is the host of a candid automotive segment for Newsmax TV called “Put the Pedal to the Metal.” The segment airs weekly on DirectTV Channel 379, Dish Network Channel 223, Verizon Fios 115, Time Warner Cable and online.


Courtesy of NewsMax TV

Aired: January 22, 2016

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