November Hot Car – 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT C



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Novemeber Hot Car - 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT C




From Photographer Matt Wetzel…


Utilizing the success of the new sub brand platform AMG, Mercedes has capitalized on the immensely popular AMG GT and AMG GT S models with the addition of the new “C” or drop top version.  

Proceeding a slight refresh on the coupe variants, the convertible comes ready to take the fight to Stuttgart’s 911. The body has been reworked to feature new front grilles, as well as wider tires, wider overall front track, and a wider front grille to allow more air to flow into the radiators / intakes. That extra breath of air helps to aide the twin turbo charged V8 engine, putting out just a tick over 550 horse power in “C” trim, almost 100 more than the base AMG roadster variant. This car is just as luxurious as it is fast, the Mercedes half of the equation means that the cabin is draped in very soft leathers, and fit and finish are superb. You’ll cruise in comfort as the car sprints from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds all the way up to a top speed north of 180 miles per hour.

Unlike a lot of the cars featured on Hot Car of the Month, the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT C and it’s model variants can be purchased today, and probably even tomorrow as well. These aren’t boutique multi million dollar cars, though they still are expensive. With chief rival the Porsche 911, market placement on these cars was key so Mercedes has set their price at $111,200 for the coupe. Final pricing for the roadster and C variant convertible has not been announced yet, though prices are expected to start at $120,000-125,000. Expect to see these hit showroom floors this Spring with early previews at New York and L.A auto shows.



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Matt Wetzel is a twenty-year-old automotive photographer based in Buffalo, NY.

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