October Hot Car – 2016 Ferrari F12 TDF



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2016 Ferrari F12 TDF by Matt Wetzel 2016 Ferrari F12 TDF by Matt Wetzel 2016 Ferrari F12 TDF by Matt Wetzel 2016 Ferrari F12 TDF by Matt Wetzel



From Photographer Matt Wetzel…


The 2016 Ferrari F12 TDF 


“For those following the Prancing Horse, the eagerly awaited hardcore version of their very successful F12 platform is finally here. Dubbed the F12 “TDF,” or Tour De France, this model harks back to the 50’s and 60’s when Ferrari saw their famed 250 series cars, among others, dominating the European racing circuit. A series of design changes in the body, in combination with increased power and lower weight, make a recipe for an even faster, and better-handling car. Power is up from 719 to 770hp, and this translates into a 1 minute 21 second lap around Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, only 2 seconds slower than the company’s halo super car, the LaFerrari. 

“For those who have to ask, the price hasn’t been unveiled, but expect it well above the $500k mark. There’s no word on whether the series of 600 chassis have been sold out yet or not. Expect values for this car to increase much like the Speciale Aperta and the 599 GTO; this will be the next collectible F-Car without a doubt.” 



More about Matt


Matt Wetzel is a twenty-year-old automotive photographer based in Buffalo, NY.

To see more of his work visit www.facebook.com/mattwetzelphotography

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