The reinCARnation of Saab – Move your Mind by Paul Fix II

The reinCARnation of Saab – Move your Mind TM

By Paul Fix II

The reinCARnation of Saab has come to be. Once a subsidiary of GM, this great Scandinavian company with a rich history has recently celebrated its first year as an independent company. This development has allowed the extremely passionate Chairman, Victor Muller, to achieve major changes in design and technical processes to focus on “a bright new future for the company.”


To commemorate their “Independence Day,” Saab has unveiled a limited production 9-3 convertible. Powered by a new 2.0 liter turbo engine, these unique amber orange editions really stand out.



One of the technical achievements Saab has developed is its new IQon system which uses the Google Android operating system to personalize the owner’s experience. This is accomplished with the use of an 8” touch screen that enables access to audio and entertainment streaming, online navigation and music storage. With endless possibilities for downloading applications, the IQon system raises the bar. In both the  ever-changing technology world and movements to satisfy customers’ demands to be “connected,” Saab is blazing the trail.

The world premiere of the new Saab 9-5 Sport combi is a five door wagon which shares its platform with it’s 4 door sedan.



The Executive Design Director, Jason Castriota, is equally as passionate as Mr. Muller.

Saab photo 6

The concept car Jason designed, the PhoeniX, debuted at the Geneva Motor show and is a work of art. Jason describes the car as “an aeromotional design” tying Saab’s aviation roots to this new rebirth. The exterior keeps the signature Saab nose but in a new way; low, sleek and wide. Butterfly opening doors lead to roof mounted winglets to channel airflow. It also incorporates a minimalist interior design to enhance the true driver experience. The power comes from a 1.6 liter 200hp turbo engine. It also utilizes regenerative braking to sustain battery power for the electric rear drive motors. The great thing is this is not just a styling exercise but real technology to be incorporated into future Saab products.

Saab photo 7

The excitement surrounding the New Saab is contagious; watch for many new and innovative concepts on the road soon.

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